domingo, março 29, 2020

COVID-19: "Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg" by The Met

As a production (sets, costumes, etc.), this is the greatest Meistersinger production ever staged outside Salzburg, and the second-greatest of all time (after Karajan's).

sábado, março 28, 2020

COVID-19: "Maldita Cocaína" by La Féria

Another Politeama Soirée...too bad the quality of the video was very bad...but we watched it just the same.

COVID-19: Construction Work at Home (in the Garden)

(In the background The cat and the turtle appreciating the work the bricklayer's mate has just finished...22ºC in the shade...sweating like a pig...)

sexta-feira, março 27, 2020

COVID-19: "As Árvores Morrem de Pé" by La Feria, Alejandro Casona

Theatre Day!

I quite honest: I never understood the popular dictum that says that "we all should die standing like a tree”. I never understood why standing still, doing nothing, without resorting to all resources, and dying is worthy. I think one must die fighting and the trees cannot do it. Someone has to do it for them. So the saying says nothing to me and I still find it utterly absurd.

Uprightness is due to a constant moral and not to the fact that we remain standing and static.  

"Through dialectics you find the truth." Not knowing for sure whether it was Socrates or Zenon who defined this path, it is certain that through this thought, man redefined his way of finding and researching the truth, Sophia. Only through the art of dialogue, question and answer can we find temporary or rational truths, always bearing in mind that the meaning is understood by each one of us, in a different way.

The perception of truth is left to the personality and the state of mind of each of us, an element so often neglected in rational thought.

I refuse to die like a tree but I loved this play.

COVID-19: "A Verdade" ("The Truth") by João Lourenço, Vera San Payo de Lemos, Florian Zeller

Author: Florian Zeller

Stage Direction: João Lourenço

Playwright: Vera San Payo de Lemos

Actors: Miguel Guilherme, Joana Brandão, Patricia André, Paulo Pires

Theatre Day!

After the first part of Zeller's duology, I couldn't wait for the second helping...while the first was about the Nature of Truth between two couples who lie through their teeth, this second play was about The Nature of Lies between two couples who lie through their teeth...ROTFL!

Broadly, there's a couple of approaches. Something is right if it's intrinsically right. Something is right if it leads to a better outcome overall. As described in the play (maybe "describe" is too strong a word), the invention of lying is holding out for what's known in the trade as agent centred morality. Maybe we should rather be holding out for what's known as consequentialism. I think the problem here is with the assumption, which the play seems to make, that it's obvous what is a lie and what is the truth. I might think I'm telling the truth about my feelings, but I might be fooling myself, or I might feel something different 5 seconds after saying it. It makes no sense to say that the difference between honesty and a lie is always 100% clear: sometimes it's clearer than others, but not always.

Truth-telling, like vegetarianism, is mainly an adolescent obsession. Some people find it hard to rid themselves of their inner Holden Caulfield but they're generally freaks. If we're adult, we know this.

Another great play!

quinta-feira, março 26, 2020

COVID-19: Die Walküre (2011) by The Met

Another MET freebe on account of the lockdown...Mixed reactions...were the 4 hours worth it?

Kaufmann can sing;  just wish I could see his eyes. It's like he's looking at some random spot all the time.  Voigt is meh.  Wagner isn't her scene definitely (und in welcher Sprache singt Frau Voigt? Her German sounds off sometimes), like the last act of this opera, or of "Siegfried" or all of "Götterdamerung".  I still love the warm tone of her voice, and especially her acting which is quite moving without being sloppy because she nails every gesture and expression. 

A long time ago, someone told me Wagner is 'inaccessible". What is inaccessible about lovely warrior women singing in German to some of the most boss music ever written?