domingo, agosto 06, 2006

My Star Rating System

Before there were Book Platforms (e.g., GR's, i.e., before 2006) I already had "me" own rating system, and it comprised 6 levels instead of 5. The level "6" was aimed at my desert island bookshelf... When I started using book repositories on the Internet, I had to change the way I rated books. Because of that I had to lower my "scale" one step down, i.e., my "6" transformed into a "5", my "5" transformed into a "4", my "4" changed into a "3", my "3" was a "2", my "2" was a "1", and my "1" was a still "1".

I came to realize there was not much point in detailing the lower rungs of my scale. I was quite comfortable by just giving my "2s" and "1s" a "1" in terms of book plataforms.

Back in the day I statistically studied this stuff, and I came to the conclusion that my star rating system was not really about quality, but rather it was about what I wanted to do with the books I'd read. For that I only needed a binary system ("1" for books to take to the desert island; "0" for books to leave behind). Later on I realized this binary system would not be quite enough. Why? Because I'd to tell apart the merely good from the really wondrous so that they could be prioritized (e.g, because the bookbag I'm taking to my desert island has a 25Kg limit...).

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