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PMP Question - Network Diagram

This post is not going to be presented in german ( sorry Robert ! ) but in english, because I want everyone to understand it. A very similar question come up on my PMP exam ...

Question : "Consider the information below, in which activities A, B, and D are on one path and must be performed in the sequence, and activity C is to be performed parallel to that path. Assuming cost is important, in which sequence should crashing of activities be planned ?
Normal Time : A=4, B=3, C=5, D=5
Crash Time : A=2, B=2, C=4, D=3
Normal Cost : A=10, B=20, C=14, D=25
Crash Cost : A=11, B=22, C=16, D=27
( Time in weeks and amounts on thousand of dollars )

A. A,B,D
B. A,D,B
C. D,B,A
D. A,B,C,D"

Answer :

First of all, Task C is not on the critical path and does not really need to be crashed. The answer is B ( A, D, B ) because :
A: 4-2 = 2 weeks crash => 1K$ increase => 0,5K per week
B: 3-1 = 1 week crash => 2K$ increase => 2K per week
D: 5-3 = 2 week crash => 2K$ increase => 1K per week

So, first you choose A, because it provides you with the best crashing time at the lower cost. Then you have to choose between D and B. If you have to choose sequentially and cost is important, I would choose D because it provides you the most crash time at the lower cost.

This is a tricky question. I'm not quite sure I got it right. I'm 99,999 % sure .... LOL ! Feedback is deeply appreciated.

It's because of this type of questions that I say it's no use studying too much for this certification ... ;)

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Anónimo disse...


First of all, thank you so much for very detailed and helpful comments on your experience with the PMP Exam. I am taking my exam next Monday so your feedback is very timely.

Secondly, I used the same logic answering your sample PMP Network Diagram question (before I looked at the answer) and arrived at the same answer. So I completely agree with you. This question is a good example how the questions might look very complex and throw you off, but then when you come down and start thinking, the correct answer is right there looking at you... LOL

Thanks again,
(Sleepless in Seattle)

Anónimo disse...

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