segunda-feira, outubro 09, 2006

Die Verlotterung der ( deutschen ) Sprache, d.h., die deutsche Sprache auf SMS-Niveau!

Save the German Language ( and the portuguese too, come to that )! They're a shambles !

That is :"O abandalhamento da língua ( alemã )" in portuguese, "The Running to the Dogs of the ( German ) Language" in English.

For those of you who have an interest on this subject, I would recommend reading the main article published in the Magazin Der Spigel ( 02.Oct Edition ) : "Rettet dem Deutsch !". Very instructive ... ;)

The roots of some German words date back centuries, making each a tiny "cultural monument." If more Germans were aware of this, they might take greater care to preserve and promote them. German nouns, often have shorter English equivalents making the English an attractive linguistic short cut. But I mantain that what these words gain in "easiness", they lose in accuracy or clarity. The strength of German is its "concreteness", the result of many logically constructed compound nouns. Moreover, English words ripped from context and plugged without sense into German — Handy for cell phone, for example — take on new, often distorted meanings.

If I get sufficient requests I may post the entire article here ... ;)

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Wolfgang disse...

Kann Sprache nicht als Spiegel der Gesellschaft betrachtet werden? Und wenn sich 50% der Leute eben mit Wörtern ausdrücken, die zu 50% dem angloamerikanischen entstammen, ist das beklagenswert?

Das ist wirklich die Frage !



Anónimo disse...

Porque é que não vais dar banho ao cão?

Manuel Antão, PMP disse...

Quando se faz o "post" como anónimo, fica sempre resíduo ... eh eh eh. Gotcha ! Que burro !