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PMP - Function Point Analysis

Question :

"Taking some practice test in preparing for the exam and the correct answer for a question on cost estimating was "Function Point Analysis". I could not find any reference to it in the PMBOK or various study guides I have. Searched the internet, and it appears this is a tool used mainly in SW development. I know I have seen recent postings that say you should be ready for anything on the exam but is this really that common of a tool that most PM's should know?
Is this a good example of what might be on the exam? Thanks in

I know ... There're lots of concepts that show up on the PMP-Exam literally out of the blue. This is one of them. You must expect this type pf things to happen. It's quite common to see concepts creeping up into the exam... It's enough to knock you out of your stride ! Beware !

"Function Point Analysis" is used to estimate the size of Software projects.

PMI focuses Project Management (in all disciplines) not just on Software Project management.

For the PMP exam all one needs to know is that "Function Point Analysis" is one of the methods used for estimating the size of Software projects.

There is no common tool for estimating all projects.

However, there are common principles in estimating that PM's can use to estimate the cost of the project like top-down, bottom-up,etc. These are already mentioned in the PMPBoK.

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Oliver_PMP disse...

Function Point Analysis is a metric for software. It assigns points to several processes which the software will perform, depending on their complexity. The total number of points is a metric for the size of the software. A software with 1000 FPs would be considered half as big as another one with 2000 FPs.

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