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ITIL - Change or Configuration Management. Which comes first?

( Question from Dieter Newmann )

It's another case of the hen and the egg ...

In my ( not extensive ) experience of ITIL, or just plain IT operations, I have observed that a centralised Service Desk is essential to kick start the ITIL foundation. Please remember that SD is a function, not a process. In my opinion, SD is the backbone of the ITIL framework. Whether it's Service Support, or Service Delivery, Service Desk is the single point of contact (SPOC).

There would be no use of having ConfigM or change management process, IM, or PM ahead of SD. For a simple reason: When you do not know what services IT is providing to its customer, you cannot have any support process too. Hence, identify your deliverables, develop a Service Catalogue, ensure that you can support all services mentioned in the catalogue. Setup a SPOC, which is your service desk, and voila!! your first step towards service support has already been taken. You need not have complex ITIL tools to support your SD. A spreadsheet can do the job as well,as long as all requests are logged and efficiently followed up.

Do remember, SD is SPOC for the following processes:

Incident Management: To know your organisation pain area (In IT). {Can be obtained from SD}
Problem Management: To get a trend report.{Can be obtained from SD}
Configuration Management: SD can update the CIs better than any site engineer.
Change Management: All RFCs / FSCs have to be with SD.
Release Management: SD coordinates and analyses the impact.
Capacity: A trend in number of calls, PM can contribute to it
SLM: SD is the owner of SLAs/OLAs/UCs

Due to time constraint I am not able to emphasize more however I guess I've made my point.

Hope these comments are of some help.


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