sexta-feira, agosto 22, 2008

Book Review :"The Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett

I usually don’t bother with writing reviews of Books I found horrible. This time I’m going to make an exception, because this book is simply awful! I just read it because lots of people insisted…

A few pointers why this book should be avoided like the plague:

1. The way the children from the Middle ages talk seems far-fetched and incongruous; the book is set in the middle ages for pit’s sake!

2. Some parts of the text repeat itself and there’re frequent backtracks, which don’t let the story flow properly;

3. The plot jolts a lot and is very predictable;

4. Some parts are downright funny in a bad sense. Example: One of the characters in the book lost an arm due to some misfortune. Later on we see the same character while standing picking up a book and browsing it. We’re talking about books that in the middle ages were huge… It would be nice to know how one could do that with just one arm. Maybe he uses his tongue to help pick up the book...;

5. The cries full of panic from hundreds of men are not heard from other people that are not far from the scene;

6. Soaking wet persons don’t get noticed from other persons on the street;

7. Stylistic speaking, if one can call it that, it’s very badly written; chopped and disconnected sentences, and so on;

8. Characters: we cannot “see” inside their heads. They are just mouthpieces; very one-dimensional. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell them apart. Talk about blending in…

If I were to dig deep enough I’m sure I’d be able to find more examples. Those are just the ones I remember at the moment.

I wonder whether the book was written by Follett or by a Ghostwriter or maybe by three or four writers all together contributing to the greater good….

Stay clear from this one. The chore is not worth it, and I’m talking about the 1000 pages of it. It took me almost 10 days to finish the all thing, but it was very instructive. It tells us that sometimes some things should not see the light of day.