quarta-feira, novembro 30, 2011

Pile of Unmitigated Shite: "Fifty Shades of Grey" by E. L. James

There was a lady reading this on the train back from work. I couldn't help but comment to her, "The paper version? That's a bit brazen...I thought this was secret Kindle phenomenon?" She laughed. Moments later she flirtily replied, "I couldn't find the hard back." Stressing the word 'hard'. That made me gulp and suddenly I realised she had gained all the power with that one reply. As we approached the tunnel at Rossio, I noticed I was aroused and was feeling profusely hot. Obscuring my bulge with my back pack, I made for the on-train toilet. The automatic door took an eternity to open. I stepped inside. As I turned to close the door, I drew breath as I realised I had been followed to the toilet by the lady reading the dirty book, and what's more there was another three ladies clutching their Kindles, jostling for a feel of my bulging trousers...

Do you think I’ve got what it takes to be an erotic writer...? Maybe I should quit my day-job.

Erotic fiction is not a new discovery but "Fifty Shades of Grey" has proven that it has a huge potential audience, I have no doubt there will be a load of erotic novels with writers and publishers looking to cash in. And why not? Will it last? A risk is that a load of derivative, half assed books gradually kill mainstream desire for the genre stone dead- and I am sure there will be quite a few hastily put together mediocrity in the next few months. But other genres survive bad books so why not this one? We might even get a masterpiece or two. Also if we are going to consume and discuss erotica as well as be more open about sex we should refrain from moral indignation when it comes to sexual fantasy. Otherwise people will cower and pretend that they have none. Or express only the most vanilla.

I don't have a problem with Shades, no matter how pedestrian and mediocre it as as a piece of art. What I do have a problem with is a publisher that gives classics a 'sex' make over simply out of a cynical ploy to make money. Apart from the cultural vandalism of such actions the worst aspect of this kind of philistine book trashing is that it totally ruins the original context of the books' characters - and what they represent. Worse, it gives new readers and a new generation the wrong impression of how people lived and acted then. Or were allowed to act. If Jane Eyre is turned into a sex siren discovering the joys of rumpy with Mr Rochester it makes a travesty of what her character represented in those repressed times. In reality had Ms Eyre acted like a modern day gal she would have been ostracised by society and had a very different life than the one the author intended. Just what is the difference between these tacky book makeovers and that of colourising classic black and white movies or re-editing them because knuckle head distributors think today's audiences are too stupid and lacking the faculties to be able to appreciate the original works?

Bottom-line: Why the overextended discourse? Guys enjoy porn, women enjoy erotic novels. Sex is one of, if not THE greatest experiences in life. We shouldn't be ashamed of loving sex. There are ways to express ourselves, masturbation to literature and other media being a prominent one. So "Fifty Shades of Grey" is poorly written, when you're feeling libidinous, even the most crass and rudimentary narrative will be sexy (provided you have a reasonably good imagination). The author is brilliant and completely deserves the several houses she will no doubt be able to buy out of the royalties and movie deal - not to mention the speaking tour for witless suburban S&M casualties who just resist this stuff (*cue some uptight postmodern academic telling us how very empowering it is*). Seriously:  Women do not love "Fifty Shades Of Grey". Idiots love "Fifty Shades Of Grey", some of whom happen to be women. Please do not turn this into a "women's issue" for God's sake. It is a bad writing issue. We could argue endlessly about the distinction between high and low art, about the conflict between the audience and the auteur or about the subjectivity of taste. All of that has its place but none of it should hinder us from describing this book as a pile of unmitigated shite. This should not become the subject matter for discussions about standpoint epistemology. It belongs in the bargain bin along with copies of "My Life (Part 3)" by John T. Footballer.

NB: It would interesting to get a view from someone from the BDSM community; they are probably less than happy about the portrayal of the 'relationship'. A female friend said that Dulux's colour card of greys was more interesting than the book which she described as mummy porn.  She also said (I'm translating from Portuguese into English): "The heroine flushes more often than a row of public toilets, and I'm surprised she has any lower lip left after all that biting..." LMAO!!!

quarta-feira, outubro 12, 2011

RIP Ritchie (1941-2011): "The C Programming Language" by Kernighan and Ritchie

(Original Review, 2011)

Along with some acclaimed hackers, Ken Thompson, Robert Pike, Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie pretty much shaped the modern world of computing. The Unix/C duet is still the archetype and the measuring stick for modern operating systems and programming languages. Conciseness, control, exceptional engineering that didn't ever get old – and the ability to shoot yourself in the foot if you want so. Good stuff! And the K&R C book is truly praise-worthy. Timeless and very, very elegant.

Great memories I have with that book, trying to bit shift values in the bus people were looking really strange at me while I was holding the book and was scribbling in binary like a crazy person on the notebook... Don't think they even thought it was about Computer Science.

Some criticisms I’ve been hearing over the years regarding C:

- C has good points and bad points -- some clever ideas, and some mistakes. The lack of proper string-handling tools ...

My answer: I've always debated with myself whether to bother responding to this, but as always I can't resist. Lack of string-handling tools in C is part of the nature of the language, I don't know how that can be regarded as a mistake. And there isn't a lack of "proper" string handling tools, there is a complete lack of any string handling tools in the language itself, or even a "string" type. The C "standard library" contains a simple model of string handling based on pointers to null-terminated byte sequences. Any further models can be added as required. For instance the string handling of Perl, including Unicode, regular expressions, strings containing null bytes, garbage collection, and anything else you could want, is entirely written in C. In the same way, there is a design mistake in a hammer, that it is very hard to put a screw in with it. I've also noticed a design mistake in screwdrivers, which are no good for putting in nails, and a chisel is virtually useless for cutting a plank of wood in two. After hundreds of years of carpentry, you'd think they would have learnt by now. Since every other type in C is something which fits into a processor register, and every operation in the language has a clear translation into assembly language, I think it would be a great idea to add an abstraction like a string type to the language which neither fits into a processor register nor translates straightforwardly into assembly language. I'm also thinking of putting square wheels on my bicycle to help negotiate potholes in the road, and getting rid of those pesky brakes which keep stopping my car. Damn those design mistakes!

- expensive legacy in terms of buggy software, student learning curve, failed projects

My answer: C might have served well as a scapegoat for failed IT projects in the past, but as luck would have it, IT projects are continuing to fail disastrously without any help from C.

I’m already a bit rusty, but here’s to you Ritchie (1941-2011):

//Cenesis, chapter 1
int main()
  puts("In the beginning, when Ritchie created the Unix and the C");
  puts("and the UNIX was without form or shape, with darkness over the abyss and a mighty wind sweeping over the waters");
  puts("Then Riche said: hello, world, and there was code");
  puts("Riche saw that the code was good. Ritchie then separated the code from the bug.");
  puts("Riche called the code \“day,\” and the bug he called \“night.\”");
  return 0;

NB: When I think about the K&R C book, I always like to compare it to a novel that gives me enough to built the details in my mind without having to ram the details down my throat.  

quarta-feira, setembro 21, 2011

Stück "Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant" am Teatro Dona Maria II

Morgen gehe ich ins Theater, um mir eine Anpassung des Films Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant anzusehen. Ich habe viele Erwartungen auf dieses Stück (Teatro Dona Maria II). Die portugiesiche Anpassung beruht sich auf einer Übersetzung der Schriftstellerin/Dichterin Yvette K. Centeno ("Sete rosas mais tarde" - Antologia poética de Paulo Celan). Ich erinnere mich noch an den Tag, an dem ich mir zum erstenmal dieser Film angesehen habe. Am Goethe Institute... Der erste Film auf Deutsch, den ich mir ohne Untertitel auf Englisch oder auf Portugiesisch angesehen habe. Mit den Filmen Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant und Die Sehnsucht der Veronika Voss habe ich erstmal erlebt, wie geistvoll und poetisch selbst die deutsche Sprache sich entfalten konnte. Es war fantastisch, dass ausgerechnet zwei Filme mir dieses Erlebnis vermitteln konnten, denn traditionell wird ja mit einer festen Grenze zwischen Film und Sprache operiert: Je mehr in einem Film gesprochen wird, umso weniger filmisch ist er. Doch nichts sollte der Filmkunst fremd sein. Filme müssen nicht Action sein, kann aber auch Reflexion sein. Die Hauptsache ist nicht, dass die Filme sich bewegten, sondern dass das, was sie bewegten. Fassbinder meinte demnach, dass man auch die deutsche Sprache selbst filmen könnte, und dies hat er getan dann so, dass die Sprache damals neu geboren wurde. Warum habe ich dieser Post auf Deutsch anstatt auf portugiesiche oder auf english geschrieben? Weil ich Lust hatte, auf Deutsch zu schreiben...:)

Fassbinder, er selbst

quinta-feira, julho 14, 2011

def __init__(self, name): "The Art of Computer Programming" by Donald E. Knuth

(Original Review, 2011)

Here's my code and a sample run attempting to find the shortest path from "Home" to "School":

class Location:
    def __init__(self, name):
        self.name = name
        self.connections = []

    def set_connections(self, connections):
        self.connections = connections

    def __str__(self):
        return self.name

home = Location("Home")
storeA = Location("StoreA")
storeB = Location("StoreB")
school = Location("School")
intersection = Location("Intersection")

home.set_connections([storeA, storeB, intersection])
storeA.set_connections([home, storeB])
school.set_connections([storeB, intersection])

visited = []
paths = []

def find_path(start, dest):
    if start.connections.count(dest) == 1:
        print("From ", start, " to ", dest)
        print("Found", dest)
        for location in start.connections:
            if visited.count(location) != 1:
                print("From ", start, " to ", location)
                find_path(location, dest)

find_path(home, school)

minn = len(paths[0])
index = 0
for i in range(len(paths)):
    if minn > len(paths[i]):
        minn = len(paths[i])
        index = i

print("The shortest path is:")
for j in range(len(paths[index])):
    print("From ", paths[index][j], " to ")

From  Home  to  StoreA
From  StoreA  to  StoreB
From  StoreB  to  School
Found School
From  Home  to  StoreB
From  StoreB  to  School
Found School
From  Home  to  Intersection
From  Intersection  to  School
Found School
The shortest path is:
From  StoreB  to
From  School  to

Question: What Knuth algorithm did I use here? 

Bottom-line: Knuth once said something that I still remember to this day (and I follow this dictum to the letter): "Do your own thing and know what you are talking about."

quarta-feira, fevereiro 02, 2011

Blood Farts: "The Hidden Reality - Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos" by Brian Greene

(Original review, 2011)

The Multiverse is awesome.

We all look, we find what we may, but we all have to choose what we look at more deeply than we will look at the rest of what there is. Yes, I refuse to spend much time on multiverse hypotheses; I used to spend a lot of time looking at quantum field theory instead (and doing QFT, thinking about it, developing a feel for and making choices about what I think is important or not, and changing my mind endlessly, and becoming intimate with it as much as my abilities will let me, all of which takes more time than anyone has).

Positive knowledge gained through natural science as opposed to myths (primitive, religious or mathematical ones, created in the mind idea of man), always leads to relative freedom of mankind through a progressively better understanding and the knowledge of the natural laws and the possibility this gives of systematically making them work towards definite subjective ends.

In dialectical terms, classical materialism (the basis of natural science) and idealism/theology are the polar opposites of a unity. The natures of polar opposites are such that when extended beyond their natural limit, they either turn to their opposite or to an absurdity. Modern theoretical physics extended to its mathematical idealism (creator of myths - curved space-time, big Bang, infinite or multiverses ad nauseum) is just following this dialectical law and churning out the absurdity of meaningless Kantian unknowable of things-in- themselves!

It is matter that thinks; thought/idea does not crystallize to matter. Myths (primitive, religious or modern mathematical ones) were always created to control humanity and to serve the power of the decadent ruling authority. Modern official theoretical physics stands in the same relation to monopoly capitalism as theology was to feudalism. Copernicus and Darwin undid the myths of theology and in the process, they helped undo the rule of feudalism itself and vice-versa. The undoing of the myths of modern physics and hence monopoly capitalism itself will only come about by undoing either one or the other or both at the same time.

Questions to ponder:

 - What if there is a tripleverse, like a universe filled with multiverse?
 - What if in another universe... everyone's a furry?
 - Multiverse...In another universe...WILL THERE BE HEROES WITH REAL POWERS?
 - What if each observer is their very own You-niverse, all coexisting together as One?
 - And most important, is it possible to be healthy and have blood farts simultaneously?
 - (...)

This is the shit that keeps me up at night.

sábado, janeiro 15, 2011

Instalação do OS Android numa plataforma x86

Hallo amigos,

A pedido de várias famílias, venho por este meio documentar o processo de instalação da última versão do OpenSource OS Android (portado para arquitectura x86) num laptop. Já tinha feito a instalação no eeePC701 no Verão passado da versão android-x86-1.6-r2.iso, mas não tinha dado visibilidade… Já tinha falado com alguns de vós sobre esta experiência revolucionária...:)

Esta é uma excelente solução para quem não quer gastar dinheiro num SmartPhone com Android, mas quiser desfrutar de uma experiência inolvidável com um OS de um SmartPhone em OpenSource. Como o eeePC cabe num casaco com bolsos fundos, até podemos fazer chamadas com ele via Skype…

Alguns números para aguçar o apetite:

1. Arranque do OS: cerca de 35 segundos. É verdade…

2. Desligar do OS: Cerca de 1 s…

3. Navegar na Net: super, super rápido a carregar páginas…. Comparei com o Google chrome numa estação Linux e nem dá para comparar…

Desta vez instalei a última versão: android-x86-2.2-eeepc.iso (baseado no kernel Linux 2.6.32). Atenção que esta versão ainda não está completamente estável, logo esperem alguns glitches. Podem usar a versão estável (android-x86-1.6-r2.iso), que eu instalei no Verão, mas existem algumas diferenças, nomeadamente na portabilidade de algumas aplicações, que na versão android-x86-1.6-r2.iso, depois de instaladas, pura e simplesmente crashavam.

Existem vários modos de instalação:

1. Via USB (por exemplo, usando o UNetbootin – Universal Boot Installer, para criar a imagem de boot – optei por esta);

2. Via CD.

Existem várias possibilidades de usufruir do OS:

1. Numa VM (VirtualBox, vmWare, etc);

2. Numa instalação de raiz, usando o disco todo para o OS (a que usei);

3. Via LiveCD.

O ISO que instalei tem cerca de 70Mb, o que depois de instalado dá cerca de 100Mb num SO…O resto, 4Gb-100Mb é para as aplicações e afins. Nada mal. Em termos de velocidade é muitíssimo mais rápido do que usando, por exemplo o Suse, para poder comparar coisas comparáveis.

Para fazer download do ISO, usem o seguinte link: http://www.android-x86.org/download

Em termos de instalação propriamente dita, só consegui instalar o OS efectuando formatação duma partição para ext3 (em /dev/sda1). Todas as outras formatações não funcionaram (ext2, ntfs, fat32). Eliminei as duas partições (sda1 e sda2) que tinha e criei depois apenas uma (/dev/sda1 nova com a opção bootable), onde instalei o OS:

Depois é só começar a instalar aplicações/jogos da AppStore Android… The sky is the limit
O look da folder com as aplicações para instalação. Segundo icon a contar da esquerda é o mais importante (App Store Google)…:)

Compare-se esta imagem com a seguinte, de um smartphone:

A diferença está apenas na organização dos ícones e no tamanho, claro está (o Asus 701 tem 22 cm por 16 cm)…

Após seleccionarmos a aplicação AppStore:

Há muito por onde escolher!

Instalei de imediato a aplicação SeePU (informação de consumo de recursos de HW):


Navegação na Net:

Só uma última nota. Ainda existem aplicações, que não foram ainda portadas para esta arquitectura, logo, poderá haver necessidade de aguardar um pouco até que algumas aplicações sejam disponibilizadas para esta plataforma. Até agora tenho conseguido instalar praticamente tudo.

Aspecto do êcran em standby mode. Para arrancar, basta unir ambas ambas as barras verticais até se tocarem:

Happy hacking!

quinta-feira, janeiro 06, 2011

Softmodding iPod: Jailbreaking iPod Touch 4G iOS 4.2.1

Sucesso, mas complicadito para a versão iOS 4.2.1... a imagem acima está um pouco fatela, mas o Blackberry não é famoso para tirar fotos :)

Usei os passos constantes do seguinte link, mas com algumas variantes, dado que houve problemas na instalação:


Comecei por usar o redsn0w 0.9.6b4, mas as coisas não correram bem. Ficou pendurado com a mensagem exploiting with limera1n… Penso que esteja relacionado com o facto da versão do meu iOS ser muito recente . Após algum tweaking, optei por repetir o processo, também mas agora com a versão redsn0w 0.9.6RC7.

Após este processo, consegui instalar, mas o Cydia não estava operacional, ie, o icon do aplicativo estava branco e após seleccioná-lo, crashava. Optei por correr novamente o redsn0w 0.9.6b4, mas só com a opção tethered seleccionada, isto sem a instalação do Cydia (just boot tethered). Depois bloqueou novamente aquando do reboot, mas bastou forçar o reboot no iPod (power).

Após isto, efectuei algum cleanup através dum remote login do PC ao iPod (via OpenSSH), mas não é estritamente necessário.

O único catch deste processo é que se for necessário efectuar reboot do iPod, será necessário repetir o processo, ie, fazer um tethered reboot… quem quiser usar o JailBreakMe (agora Star), terá de fazer downgrade para a 4.0.1, o que poderá ser um processo tortuoso…

Happy hacking…

Repo’s (contribuição do João Cláudio)

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Apple (not really Apple): applerepo.com
Apple Daily Times: http://www.appledailytimes.com/installer
AppTapp Official: repository.apptapp.com
Apogee LTD: apogeeltd.com
Blaze Official: blazecompany.googlepages.com/
BigBoss Beta: sleepers.net/iphonerepobeta
BlackWolf: m8an.de/ownrisk.xml (Extended Preferences)
Byooi Digicide: byooi.com/iphone/digicide.plist (Jiggy Apps)
CedSoft (iSnake/Bounce): prog.cedsoft.free.fr
Chris Miles Repository (iSolitare): iphone.rustyredwagon.com/repo
Conceited Software Beta: http://conceitedsoftware.com/iphone/beta/
Conceited Software: http://www.macminicolo.net/conceited/iphone/cache.plist
databinge: repo.databinge.com
DavTeam: davteam.com/repo.xml
Death to Design: iphone.deathtodesign.com
Digital Agua: repo.digitalagua.com
Dlubbat’s Apps: http://www.dlubbat.com/iphone.xml
Ettore Software Ltd: ettoresoftware.com/iphone/beta/ty.iphone
Fight Club: dezign999.com/repo
FreeMyiPhone: pxl.freemyiphone.com/
Fring: fring.com/iphone.xml
Gogosoft Source: http://www.blackblack.org/gogobeta.plist
GravyTrain ’s Vault: iiispace.com/installer2.xml (Includes user submitted themes)
Hijinks Inc.: hijinksinc.com/i/installer.xml
hitoriblog Experimental Pack: hpcgi3.nifty.com/moyashi/ipodtouch/repository.cgi
HighTymes: hightymes.org/iphone/plist/index.xml
iApp-a-Day: iappaday.com/install
Imagine09: home.twcny.rr.com/imagine09/Imagine09.xml
iBlackjack: iphonefanclub.com/native
iClarified: installer.iclarified.com
iFoneTech: app.ifonetec.com
Intelliborn: intelliborn.com/repo
Intelliborn (Cydia Source): intelliborn.com/cydia
iPhone Cake: iphonecake.com/src/all
iPhoneDevDocs: idevdocs.com/install
iPhone For Taiwan (SummberBoard Themes): iphone4.tw/showme
iPhoneFreakz: iphonefreakz.com/repo.xml
iPhoneIslam: apps.iphoneislam.com
iPlayful: iplayful.com/r
i.Marine Software (Caissa): caissa.us
imimux Repository (Real Artist): imimux.com
iPod Touch Fans: http://www.touchrepo.com/repo.xml
iPod Touched: ipodtouched.net/repo.xml
iPod-Touch-Themes.de: http://www.ipod-touch-themes.de/installer/repo.xml
iSwitcher (old): web.mac.com/iswitcher2/list.xml
iSwitcher (new) = MeachWare: meachware.com/list.xml
Jeremie Engel: rep.visuaweb.com
Jiggy Main Repository (Jiggy): jiggyapp.com/i
lazyasada: lazyasada.xeterdesign.com/repo.xml
Limited Edition iPhone: limitededitioniphone.com/lei.xml
Loring Studios: loringstudios.com/iPhone-schnapps/index.xml
McAfeeMobile Dev Repository: ipkg.mcafeemobile.com
MarcoGiorgini.com: marcogiorgini.com/iPhone/plist.xml
Makayama Software (CameraPro): tinyurl.com/2t8cax
MaomaLand: maomaland.com/iphone/repo.xml
Mateo (BeatPhone): bblk.net/iphone
McCarron’s Repo: patrickmccarron.com/irepo
MeachWare (new iSwitcher): http://www.meachware.com/list.xml
Mkv iPhone Repository: repo.mkv.mobi
Mobile Stacks: mobilestack.googlecode.com/svn/repository/internal.plist
ModMyApple.it (iBirthday): http://www.serverasp.net/chiafa/MMA/repo.xml
Moyashi: hpcgi3.nifty.com/moyashi/ipodtouch/repository.cgi
MTL Repository: home.mike.tl/iphone
MyApple.pl: i.myapple.pl
newATTiPhone.com: newattiphone.com/repo.xml
NPike.net: http://apps.npike.net/repo.xml
Nuclear Design: nucleardesign.net/repository
Planet-iPhones: planet-iphones.com/repository
Polar Bear Farm: http://www.polarbearfarm.com/repo/
Polleo Limited: source.polleo.no
Private Indistury: brandonsgames.com/chriss/index.xml
Pyrofer’s Projects: pyrofersprojects.com/repos/repos.xml
R4m0n (iPhysics): iphone.r4m0n.net/repos
Robota Softwarehouse: iphone.robota.nl
Sanoodi Repository: sanoodi.com/iphone
Saurik’s Coding Toolbox (Cydia): apptapp.saurik.com
ScoresPro: http://www.scorespro.com/iphone/repo.xml
scummVM: urbanfanatics.com/scummvm.xml
sendowski.de (MobileChat)sendowski.de/iphone
Shai’s Apps: ride4.org/shai.xml
Simek’s Graphic: simek.ddl2.pl
sipgate repository: iphone.sipgate.com
Skrew: i.danstaface.net
Slezak’s Stuff: http://www.spencerslezak.com
Smart-Mobil: http://www.smart-mobile.com/beta
Soneso Repository: soneso.com/iphone
SOS iPhone (ContactFlow): rep.sosiphone.com
Spiffyware: spiffyware.net/iphone
Studded: studded.net/installer/index.xml
Surge: iphonesurge.com/iphonesurge.xml
Swell: lyndellwiggins.com/installer/Swell
Swirlyspace: swirlyspace.com/SwirlySpace.xml
Touchmod Team: touchmods.net/rep.xml
Trejan: trejan.com/irepo
Trivialware: mazinger.cs.yale.edu/iphone-apps/index.xml
Unlock.no: i.unlock.no
weiPhone (weTools/weDict): app.weiphone.com/installer
Wiki2Touch: 168weedon.com/i/
Wizdom on Wheels (Common Website Links):iphoneapps.wizdomonwheels.com
XK72 Repository: http://xk72.com/iphone/repos/
ZodTTD.com Releases: zodttd.com/repo