sexta-feira, janeiro 25, 2013

"Suspect" by Robert Crais

Suspect - Robert Crais"Feel good" book. Awful prose.

The question:"Is it worth the read?". 

If you're a dog lover yes. If you're a good fiction lover, no. I found the writing worse than pedestrian; it's almost incompetent at times. This another good example of "bland writing". Moves forward in a rudimentary, what-happens-next fashion, it doesn’t live, it doesn’t spin, it doesn’t shine. Every line is merely plunked down like one more cinder block on a construction site.

The best part of the book is the interaction between Scott and Maggie as they struggle to overcome PTSD, learn to trust, love and rely on one another, and discover that each offers the other the best chance for a new start in life.

As for the rest, go find greener pastures.

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