The Last Policeman - Ben H. WintersIf there was an asteroid heading for Earth, and you knew it was going to cause mass extinctions and probably kill you, how would you spend the last months of your life? Would you carry on with your duties? Are there some things still worth fighting for, even though death for almost everyone is close at hand?


The stock market have collapsed. 
World trade has slowed. Who wants to pump oil when they only have a few more days to live?
People tend to do what they want, money is not so much of a motivation. 
Murder, suicide and sexual crimes are all up, so is police brutality. 

This book forces you to think about whether there are some abstract concepts that matter. In this situation, there won't be many left that will know if you stood up for principles or how you died. If no one will know, and you'll be dead, does justice really matter? It's an angle I'd never thought of before I read the book. Ben Winters does a brilliant job with this his story. There’s the usual chasing down blind alleys. What did it for me was the fact that there was a larger plot, about humanity. Winters is skilled in doling out the bits and pieces without belaboring the point that there's an asteroid on its way. Maia is always there, but in the unspoken background. So I suppose, if Winters were the type to hit a reader over the head with things, this could have been an even more depressing book than it was.

For me the book felt depressing and claustrophobic, but to describe the book in just two word really sells it short. This was a profoundly affecting read.