sábado, abril 06, 2013

"He Died with His Eyes Open" by Derek Raymond

He Died With His Eyes Open - Derek Raymond, James SallisExtrem Noir literature... One of the darkest noir novels I’ve ever read and also one of the best. Derek Raymond is far beyond noir. There probably isn't even a word for his kind of darkness I think.
I definitely see noir as existentialist literature and this is one of the its primary examples. 
Everyone who's a fan of Noir should this book, but be prepared to feel the urge to take a shower and turn on all your houselights after reading them. Ever since the release of Derek Raymond’s Factory Series, five crime novels set in Margaret Thatcher’s London, they’ve been on my must-read list. Finally I got around to reading one of the books. 2013 has been Discovery Year...
I don't know if I could stand to read this book again, but I'll read the following 4 volumes for sure. One of the things that impressed me the most was its remarkable and disturbing physicality. 
Raymond's characters penetrated and interfered, putting me in touch with levels of intensity and disintegration that seem to combine literary achievement with a visceral view on things. His characters are both unlikely and horribly real. They live, like his narratives, in places I don't want to visit.
The book is so incredibly melancholic without ever feeling as self-indulgent as you might expect from a book that grieves at length over Death.
Highly recommended.

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