sexta-feira, abril 26, 2013

"Night Walker" by Donald Hamilton

Night Walker (Hard Case Crime #16) - Donald HamiltonMy first Donald Hamilton book.

I got bothered by some of the dated aspects. I pretty much don't take that sort of stuff in my stride when it comes to vintage literature. I figure it goes with the territory, but sometimes it doesn't work, as it's the case.

Regarding the effectiveness of the two twists that sum-up the book, I've mixed feelings. The most important of which I couldn't see it coming.

This book depicts a good reason you can’t trust women (tongue-in-cheek...): Elizabeth is one of those classic "femme fatales", whose voluptuousness suggests duplicity, using her sex to her advantage, complicating our protagonist’s life as she weaves her “fabric of deceit.” Does she love her husband? Does she love her doctor? Does she love Young? Is she using none, one or all three of them to get what she wants? (I'd go for the

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