Falling Glass - Adrian McKintyMy third McKinty.

"Falling Glass" is a kick-ass thriller full of violence, sharp prose and great dialogue, as to be expected from McKinty. I'm getting hooked on his books, which is always a good sign, indicating that something powerful drives his inner engine...

There's some top-notch thriller craft going on in "Falling Glass", but what pushes the novel over the brink is the soul-searching done by the main character Killian. And also some fascinating insights about Pavee life in there to start off.

McKinty writes that kind of dark, violent and tempered with touches of visceral and thunderous humour, that makes me forget (almost) everything.

There are some wonderful lines where the ideas take off and the elegance of the prose execution just lights up the firmament.

The final scene with the showdown between Forsythe and Killian is quite an achievement in itself. The word playing between the two is quite electrifying, they fight with words not with guns. The unresolved ending is also very sad, but it made me happy. A fitting end to a fine book. 

Electric prose at its best!