Fifty Grand - Adrian McKinty
McKinty is on a roll! No misstep so far!

The opening chapter of the book is antological.

The story is a strong one, with wonderful characterization told through a first person narrative by Detective Mercado. Supporting the plot is a brisk pace that sears at the opening, then pulls back, hammers the reader again, pulls back once more, slows down, and then the breathtaking Grand Finale.

McKinty creates a Havana, unlike any I've read.

The plot is relatively simple but the characters, the setting, and the tension all make it succeed and feel original, and the Prose, the Prose Dear Readers. That's what really sets this book apart in my mind (as the previous reviewed books). 

McKinty belongs to that rare breed of Writers that can write Prose as if it were Poetry. He's really a Poet of the Prose.