Aprender a Rezar na Era da Técnica  - Gonçalo M. TavaresCan one build his life on the refusal to really live with others? 

This is a story of a "relentless rise" and even an abrupt descent of a man that is born to be a servant of violence.

Lenz Buchmann is an utterly despicable character but what a phenomenal and satisfying portrait of a despicable character it is. Maybe that's why the book works on several levels. The thin line between melodrama and pastiche verges on the absolutely brilliant. 

The books looks to me like an instruction manual because of its structure (the finely neat division in headlines, chapters and sections and language (technical and analytical, and yet also so distant).

While reading this book Kafka and Gombrowicz comes to mind. I'll try "to verbalize" the reasons:

1 - Tavares vs Kafka: Absurdist tendencies and a very dark look towards life;

2 - Tavares vs Kafka: Aphorisms abound. One could say that the book is almost entirely written in an aphoristic style. The similarities between Kafka and Tavares kept coming to mind ("Nachgelessene Schriften und Fragmente" by Kafka is a fine example of the Art of the Aphorism). In post-modern literature I don't recall another example to keep Tavares company;

3 - Tavares vs Gombrowicz: Battle against the strictures of culture.

Is it shown here the age of the "Death of God"? And with what can we replace Him? Technology...?

Thinking material permeates the book...