domingo, outubro 20, 2013

"Os Melhores Sketches dos Monty Python" by Monty Python, Nuno Markl

Os Melhores Sketches dos Monty Python - Nuno Markl, Monty Python
Took me around one hour to read it from beginning to end. I never saw the show that supported the book, and maybe I should have done so. I remember reading some comments about the show and they were not enthusistic. Maybe that was why I didn't see it. I don't quite rememeber the reason.

I know almost all the Monty Python sketches by heart (I also "saw the light" in the 80's on the RTP2 Channel as Nuno Markl did), and I was quite curious how Nuno had handled the tricky parts in translation. Quite good actually. He was able to avoid the usual pitfalls to make literal translations, which is always a temptation when translating humour.

As soon as opened the book I came across the "Sit On My face" translation into portuguese:

"Senta na cara e diz-me que me amas
E na tua cara, amor, eu sentarei
A prova oral vais tu fazer
E dou-te já vinte valores
Com todo o prazer!

Senta na cara e sente a minha boca
Provar como a paixão é verdadeira
O amor não desenvolve sem um bom 69
Estamos sentados nas caras alheias, sem cuecas, sem meias
Isto comove!"

Quite up to the mark, right? (if you can read portuguese, read the original and check for yourself).

Not an easy text to translate that's for sure. He was able to capture the gist of the original in its entirety.

With this translation Nuno Markl won me over. The rest was just a breeze to read... Fond memories...

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