Wilt On High - Tom Sharpedescription


Fast-paced absurdity multiplied to the nth power. 

Another winner from Tom Sharpe. The entire book is a rollercoaster ride through a bunch of well organised sub-plots and what makes it even better is that all of it makes sense in the end. Satire is the true essence of the novel.

Along with Joseph Connolly, Tom Sharpe was one of the two best comic british writers. His characters do not shy away from vulgarity. They embrace vulgarity and there is also a fair "small" amount of swear words. There is a lot of sex, some of which quite unpleasant. The story gathers speed pretty quickly and proceeds at a frantic speed.

What keeps me coming back to a Sharpe novel is just its unpretentiousness. So far I haven't been able to perceive a "deep thought" in any of his novels. Food for thought...? (Pun intended LOL )

When I really need a good laugh out loud or a light-hearted bit of reading I always revert to a Wilt novel. Too bad we won't have any more Wilt stories...

Sometimes life demands a funny but mindless novel.