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"Early Autumn" by Robert B. Parker

Early Autumn - Robert B. Parker

# 2013 - 90#

Funny how men dote on these Perfect Men that shoot well, cook well, have the perfect thing to say at every moment, and charm the ladies. What makes a man a Man? Is it the span of his chest, the stomach-muscles-that-are-very-well-developed framework, his towering height, bold face, calm countenance, full beard, mustache, or deep croaky voice? Spenser epitomizes all these traits...

Is this a coming-of-age story or pulp noir fiction? If genre is a type of cultural ritual, what does the combination of genres imply? Does it imply that genres in their traditional form no longer fulfill the needs of the noir fiction culture? The best examples of Noir Fiction are the ones that are able to merge several types of fiction modes, like this book here. Genre works best by using a set of literary codes that are recognized and understood by the reader and the author via shared literary devices as the faux-plot, which is clearly on display here. The classical faux-plot depicted here is the damsel in distress, who wants to protect her son from the father (with ties to the bas-fond). This is a simple way for the damsel's son and Spenser to be introduced. This device allows Parker to introduce a bit of standard private detective lore and a mini-mystery for Spenser and Paul, the son, to pursue. The mini-mystery provides more than one benefit to the young man struggling to find an adult identity.

It's not so much a detective novel as a story about a teenager's path to adulthood that utilizes pulp fiction devices (eg,faux-plot) for story progression. In that regard it works wonderfully.

NB: My last book of 2013... For 2014 I want to wish to myself that I won't care about weight gain, or be depressed about it. I also want to grow taller, but due to the fact that height-wise my genes tend to the short side, maybe that won't happen. And even if I grow bigger horizontally and vertically, I think it's just a matter of personal perspective to accept myself or not...Enough said (smile)!

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