domingo, janeiro 19, 2014

Project 14 - Raspberry Pi vs MEO Cloud vs MEO Kanal

(beneath the LCD, my two "precious" toys: Raspberry Pi and the GertBoard, coupled to each other)

This's my a Raspberry Pi with a GertBoard. It's a tiny 700MHz ARM computer that runs Linux. It has 256 MB 512 MB of RAM, 2 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port, and can output HDMI video at 1080p. Also, it has a NTSC/PAL composite video port. For its "hard disk" I'm using a 16GB SD card, and for external storage I'm using a 500GB hard disk I had lying around doing nothing.

This's also where I've got my personal Cloud (not MEO Cloud...) installed:

Just a little aside note: How much does it cost?

The Raspberry Pi costs about 32 EUR with shipping included. You can then add another 5 EUR for a 4GB SD card and maybe another 8 EUR for a 1000mA power supply. Every Watt of power costs about 0.08 EUR per month in Portugal, so the 2.5W (average) the Raspberry Pi uses costs about 0.25 EUR/month in electricity costs (or maybe a little more since it can consume a little more power when using Ethernet). The hard disk power consumption is much higher, and it depends on traffic to this website, but its power supply is rated to 25W. For comparison, my laptop, rated at about 19W, costs me about 1.52 EUR/month, and a normal desktop rated at about 150W costs about 12 EUR/month.

For the purposes of this post, I'm just using another SD Card, with my brand-new image.

Almost ane year has gone by since I first bought my Raspberry Pi, and what a year it has been!

Also more than a year ago, at Codebits 2012 (November 2012), PT and Raspberry Pi Foundation announced a partnership. This partnership made its first output, with the incorporation of the MEO Cloud and MEO Kanal PT products into the Raspberry Pi:

PT chose OpenElec, which along with xbmc, is the de facto standard in terms of Media Centres.

I've just finished configuring it and for the moment everything is running smoothly as to be expected.

MEO Cloud and MEO Kanal on the Video tab:

MEO Cloud on the Music tab:

MEO Cloud and "Banca de Jornais" on the foto tab:

By selecting the MEO Cloud tab, I just can access all of my information on my personal cloud:

By selecting my music tab inside the MEO Cloud, music streaming starts off right away:

Streaming the track "Had Enough" by Newman from the album "Siren":

Still streaming the same track, but on full screen:

My MEO Cloud folders:

 To use both the MEO Cloud and the MEO Kanal I had to authenticate my OpenElec client:

After the authentication made through the web using the link that OpenElec produced above, and after having introduced that same code on the web page on the laptop, I was in:

Showing my MEO Kanal "Familia Antao" (inside are all the things that I can also view on my TV):

I just have to dig some more to find more stuff to do with the toy...

Happy hacking. You don’t learn to hack – you hack to learn…


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