sábado, abril 19, 2014

"David Starr - Space Ranger" by Isaac Asimov/Paul French

Lucky Starr, Book 1 - Isaac Asimov
Isaac Asimov in disguise...

I read this book for the first time a long time ago in a portuguese-brasilian edition. I've decided to re-read it again in English to see whether the original flavour was still there...

Once in a while I have to let the inner geek out, though my wife tries to make sure it doesn’t happen too often...Yes, I confess. I'm a SF/Fantasy nerd at heart.

SF was the main type of literature of my youth, filling it with time and space travel, aliens and starships. Then I read non-SF fiction for almost two decades and found a few years back that enough was enough. I returned to SF (to Fantasy no so much) and have been happy ever since. Why? It stimulates my brain, it makes me feel like a boy again – and because it says more about the present than any of the other fiction some people would like to write with a capital F. SF deals with the human condition in its own nuanced ways, which can frequently be more interesting and raise more questions for me. It's future-thinking rather than a past-reflecting thing.

This particular book is shallow. The characters are full-blown stereotypes. My brain was entirely turned off while reading it, but it still was an enjoyable book. A light-hearted adventure story good for a couple hours' relaxation and perfect for an afternoon.

Go for it if you feel up to it.

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