sábado, abril 05, 2014

Project 15 - Raspberry Pi vs Pibrella Expansion Board

Pribella expansion board

It came out on the 4th of March in the UK. A month later it finally got here:

Removed the lid of the Raspberry Pi box, in order to attach the Pibrella on the Raspberry Pi:

Pibrella board hooked to the Raspberry Pi  (the GertBoard expansion board on the side remained in place):

Ready to rock:

Top on top of the image = GertBoard v2
Board underneath = Raspberry Pi
Board on top of the raspberry Pi = Pibrella

The Pibrella has the following items on-board:
  • 1 each of Red, Amber and Green LEDs.
  • A buzzer.
  • A on-off button;
  • Protected input/outputs broken out to female headers;
  • I2C bus is broken out, although you’ll have to add pins yourself for that.

In the next posts, I'll explore the board.

Happy hacking. You don’t learn to hack – you hack to learn…


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