O Senhor Juarroz - Gonçalo M. Tavares

Uhm... Too much and too short to get my teeth into.

Sketchy at best, with a few interesting tidbits, but that's all.

Books that vanish without a trace are very cruel to the reader. I was expecting something a bit more, how shall I put it, substantial?

Sometimes I found myself having to read the vignettes two or three times, just to make sure I was getting the point. Some of the vignettes are truly outstanding. One of my favourites:

"Viagem Longa" vignette - "Como gostava de ler e ia para uma viagem longa o senhor Juarroz decidiu pôr na mala seis exemplares do mesmo livro".
(Long Journey vignette - Because he liked to read and was embarking on a long journey, Mr. Juarroz decided to pack 6 copies of the same book." 

Food for thought...

Maybe the Neighborhood Series is supposed to be read as whole body of work and not individually. Just a thought. All in all I've decided to read the series as soon as get my hands on them.