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"Big Money" by Jack Getze

Big Money: 2 (An Austin Carr Mystery) - Jack Getze
My first Jack Getze and it won't be my last.

Mix of Noir with Humour.

Is Noir really only about sex and money, and revenge? I'd say not as this book (and others) have proved.

There have been several attempts where the combination of Humor and Noir succeeded. Not many unfortunately. There's a very thin line of authors who were (are) able to write in this vein. If the situation of the doomed noir protagonist is made humorous, I may not believe in it. Lose the accepted doom and Noir can easily become ridiculous. Only Charles Willeford comes to mind. I won't say there are not other writers who haven't successfully done it, but I don't recall any.

Here somehow Getze was able to mix the two. While reading it I kept thinking "Uau, this guy can surely mix Noir and Humour. Who does he remind me of? I only came up with the answer almost at the end of the book: "Charles Willeford" - see review of "Miami Blues").

Another plus factor are the fully fleshed-out characters. Only by using full-fledged characters can the blend of Noir and Humour work as it does in this case. At the core of postmodern noir is the tendency to destabilise the Noir's realistic grounding. Maybe, as with Willeford, Getze aims at the deconstruction of Noir by using Humour. Getze has done it sucessfuly I might add. New voice in postmodern noir?

I also laughed a lot as well...

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