sábado, julho 19, 2014

"High Risk" by Matt Dickinson

High Risk - Matt Dickinson
Summer time. Beach reading time? Not quite.

This time I've chosen a book which I'd on my sights for a while. "High Risk" by none other than the Man himself: Matt Dickinson.

I've never climbed anything in my life, other than some kitchen stools and stairs. I limit myself to scuba-diving where radical sports are concerned.

It goes without saying that mountain climbing is the topic here. The story is that of an avalanche expert in America (Hal) and an English female television presenter (Josie), who are linked by a tragedy which occurres on the Everest.

The characters are nothing more than mere sketches to allow the story to move forward. What really shines through are the avalanche scenes at the beginning; they' re so fast paced and realistic  that I could envisage these amazing forces of nature in action, and when they get close to the Everest on part 3 ("Summer Fever"), the writing is more than up to par.

I have said elsewhere that I love writing when the writer really knows their subject matter. It's really adrenaline junky stuff. For fans of radical sports as myself, it's more than enough. The call of the unknown (in this case the Mountain) makes it impossible for us to give up...

NB: I've got "The Everest Files" ready to go. This one made me notch it up a few rungs on my TBR pile.

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