domingo, setembro 21, 2014

One Day, One Choir: "Prayer for World Peace: Veni Creator Spiritus" - 21.09.2014

We're, my wife and I, great melomaniacs of classical music. We also belong to a choir, and we celebrate classical music everywhere we go. This was another chance to put this into practice.

In Portugal there was also an initiative to accompany this world-wide event taking place on this day. In Lisbon it took place in our most ancient 12th century medieval church: "Sé de Lisboa" (Patriarchal Cathedral of St. Mary Major)

The conductor and tenor was Armando Calado, with the text narration by Portuguese actor Ricardo Carriço.

All the major Lisbon Choirs were invited to participate. Our own choir "N.S. do Amparo", was well represented as well.

The first music piece sung was "Veni Creator Spiritus" (in the background Carriço's voice; my wife's contralto voice is also quite audible):

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