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Appreneurship: "Everything You Need to Make a Killer App" by Kerry Butters, John Waldron, Matt Whetton

Published March, 2015

If you start having the following symptoms that means you're coming down with a case of Appreneurship: You can’t stop thinking about it as you fall asleep at night; your mind comes back to it when you know you should be concentrating on your day-job; you get distracted watching Blade Runner on TV.

As soon as the idea to create an app pops up in your mind, there's no letting go until you build it. If you haven't got any idea how to get started, this book is for you:

Planning an App
Business Plan
Working out the costs
Outsourcing Development
Building the App (essential tools to go about the business of creating Apps)
In-App Advertising and monetization
Supporting and Updating the App
Resources available on the Internet (e.g., AppTrace, etc)

It covers all the App markets available (Apple AppStore, Google Play Store, Blackberry, Amazon AppStore, and Windows Store). As everything worth doing in life, it pays off to be prepared...

The most important titbit of the book showed up regarding the use Eclipse when developing for the Google Play Store: “Many people say that it’s easy to code for iOS than it is for Android purely because Google’s IDE is [ ] embarrassingly bad. Slow, clunky, counterintuitive when not outright baffling, poorly laid out, needlessly complex, it’s just a mess”. My thoughts exactly. Maybe Android Studio will be a turnaround. I’m not sure. I haven’t used it yet.

As someone who has done some research regarding App Building, I’ve come across a lot of the so-called Sites where it’s advertised that we can put an App out in the market in just a few minutes without having to use any kind of coding skills… a few examples: iBuildApp, Appypie, AppsBuilder, etc. Forget about them if one wants to produce nice-looking Apps. Quoting Heinlein’s TANSTAAFL (There Ain't No Such Thing as a Free Lunch), don’t expect free tools to do the work for you. Anything that takes away my ability to create custom code is unlikely to be a good thing. I already knew this, but the book’s authors emphasized this fact in very strong terms. In the age of “everything-goes”, it’s always very refreshing when someone advocates the fact that hard word always pays off in the long run. If you’re in the business of wanting to make money as an App Builder, taking shortcuts is not the answer. Moreover when using this free App Builders available on the internet, don’t expect to be able to provide the App with a robust Security layer. For me this fact alone is enough to put me off using these free tools.

The only thing missing in this book is a template for producing a working and salable Business Plan to allow you to pitch the idea to potential investors. If you intend to develop the App on your spare time, this template might be waived. Even then I’d advise you to use some sort of Simple Business Plan, to allow you to jot down what you need and the costs of your Development Process.

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