domingo, maio 24, 2015

(2b) U ~(2b): "Hamlet's To be ot Not To Be Soliloquy" by Manuel Augusto Antão

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I have a Computer Science college degree, and have never bothered applying to a game industry job since getting it, mainly because I'm happier having my own time rather than being forced to work the hours they want. Not to mention, I don't have to answer to anyone for my game ideas ). Well my wife and kids are always getting pestered about my latest cool "idea" for a cool game...
When I thing about building something, "work" is not a word that comes to mind. To those who like to paint, it's fun. To me, it's boring work. Even playing a professional sport, a kids' game, for a (likely wealthy) living, is sometimes work. When there's no pressure on you to make money, game design is rarely work. Once there's pressure to make money, parts of it can become work. If were to make a living out of it, which likely means I'm working as a salaried full-time employee, then I'd be probably working on someone else's idea for a game, quite possibly one I didn't particularly care for. Then game design would be like work.
I never thought game design was just about getting ideas; As soon has one starts creating, one learns that it's far from that. If one think it's about playing games, one'll learn it's far from that. And one'll begin to understand how it can be work...

That's why Game Design and Developing will only be a hobby as far as I'm concerned. That's the way I want it.

I've always been interested in game design/developing/creation. Back in the day I was always learning new computer languages by the bucketload. As soon as I'd mastered one new language, my first step was to develop something in that language. I always tried first the game engines I'd used previously, be it Pong, Space Invaders, Pac Man, or Chess.
Game design, the possible structures in games, the best way to start learning game design, what makes a game good (there's a great variety of opinion about this), ways to provide a framework for my design efforts, ways to keep records of the work done, software to help learn, are all the subjects one has to master before embarking on a day job as a Game Developer/Designer. Because my day job, also in IT, does not involve Application Developing, I'm still involved in the Game Industry as a pure dilettante. It's nothing more than a hobby, but when something interestering comes along I become a kind of runaway train...

My Shakespeare project is already under way. What better way to mix two of my favourite subjects Shakespeare and Game Design? I used my favourite play and soliloquy to build something that I can carry around with me at all times... Every time I get "in the mood", I just open the App on my smartphone/Tablet I then I get my daily fix of Shakespeare...

I collected (and in a few cases edited) a few of the videos available on YouTube to create this collection of the soliloquies by 15 actors (and one non-actor: me!) giving voice to Hamlet's "To Be or Not To Be" soliloquy:

Manuel Antão (myself)
Kenneth Branagh
John Gielgud
Laurence Olivier
Derek Jacobi
Paul Scofield
David Tennant
Christopher Plummer
Ethan Hawke
Kevin Kleine
Ben Crystal
William Belchambers
Richard Burton
Vincent Price
Mel Gibson
Toby Stephens

The sequence above corresponds to my grading of each performance (apart from my own attempt of course lol), being Branagh's the one I like the most, and Stephens' the one I like the less.

On top of the pile the most important "actor": me! It's my attempt at reading the soliloquy...Go easy on me...

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did developing/creating it.

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