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How to be fluent in Snobbish: " Computer Hacking - A beginners guide to computer hacking, how to hack, internet skills, hacking techniques, and more" by Joe Benton

Published 2015.

I’ve always been a book snob. I’m also not afraid to admit it. Now you’re thinking: “What? But you read SF, for God’s sake!!! How can you be a book snob?” It doesn’t matter what one reads. It’s what you do with what you read that counts. It goes without saying that I can tell you that not all reading is equal in merit, be it SF, Mainstream, Crime Fiction, Computer Science or Shakespeare. That goes without saying. Not every book is going be a masterpiece. That’s a given. Unfortunately more and more, I find myself devoting more time to the reading material that is useless. I hate it when having just finished reading something, the feeling that remains is to have frittered away my time! Learning what to read and what not to read is as much a craft as writing itself. I get extra-frustrated and pissed off by these state of affairs. When that happens out goes a “0” star rating (or a “1” for that matter). There are days (and nights) where I pledge to only read something worthwhile. I actively work to challenge my beliefs by reading outside of my comfort zone, but that takes work. To start with, I must build my A-list of books to read, i.e., books I know will have at least a minimum of quality and that I’ll read no matter what, because there is only so much time in my live. Unfortunately much of it will be wasted on reading crap. I’ve read the old clunker too many times and later on I find myself coming out of a stupor 2 hours later with zip to show for it. Like the crap I’ve just finished reading. Even for beginners it’s a total waste of time.

The (implicit) blurb: “The author explains all the tips and techniques that will help you to begin developing your own computer hacking skills.” I can safely say that if your life depended on being hooked on hacking just by reading this book, you’d die the horrible death, i.e., being stranded on a desert island with a Kindle with only Stephanie Meyer’s books on it, never mind the fact that there are no electric outlets out there! What did I expect for a book with 23 pages! That serves me right.

NB: I hope the one minute it took you to read this review was (not) a (total) waste of your time…

SF = Speculative Fiction

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