domingo, maio 31, 2015

2015 Lisbon Book Fair - 1st iteration

My annual pilgrimage...

Book signings:

(António Lobo Antunes, one of my favourite living Portuguese authors, signing my favourite book: "Memória de Elefante" which unfortunately does not have an English translation...)

(Frei Bento Domingues)

(José Rodrigues dos Santos)

(Richard Zimler)

(Fernando Ribeiro, Moonspell's vocalist and front man)

(Ricardo Araújo Pereira, one of Benfica's most fervorous fans)

Book Haul #1:

(Portuguese Chefs using Bimby which isThermomix's name in Portugal; I've said elsewhere that Bimby is my favourite Robot...Forget about Python, Raspberry lol. Sweet rice coming out for lunch today!)

("The supracelestial place" by Frederico Lourenço: One of my favourite Portuguese authors)

(Vasco Graça Moura translates Gottfried Benn; Vasco was our most distinguished poet and translator when it came to German Poets; now that he's no longer with us, I don't know what we'll become of us...This is one of the books that started my infatuation with the German Language; I read it a long time ago at the Goethe Institute; now it's all mine! "My precious"...)

(Portuguese authors from our Azores' island; it's going to be a journey of discovery even for me...)

(I've read all of the Sjöwall/Wahlöö Beck-decalogy in German a long time ago; I wonder how he'll fare all by himself ...)

(Chronicles taken from his blog)

(one of my favourite physics' books; I used it in college. Now I've found a battered copy for 2 cents...)

("Beim Häuten der Zwiebel" by Günter Grass. Oh my...I hope my German is up to the task...I believe my command of the German laguage will be seriously tested...)

(Classical Computer Science)

(Classical Computer Science)

(Classical Computer Science)

(signed 1st edition)

(signed 1st edition)

(SF in collection)

(after 11456 steps, and because being sated with books is not enough, the body needing sustenance as well, how about a "burrito"? "Schmackhaft", even with the temperature very high, around 33ºC...)

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