segunda-feira, junho 01, 2015

Children's Day: "Urso Taralhouco", A Flappy Bird Look-alike

My doddering bear leaping and tumbling in Lisbon...Mind you, this is only a study for a full-fledged game to be developed later on. Don't consider this to be a proper "game"...

Today being children's day, I thought it'd be great to publish here one of the games I've been working on for the past weeks. It's still on beta stage, i.e., there's only just one level to play, but as soon as I put my game hat on, I promise to develop it further.

When Flappy Bird come out on the Google Play Store I was totally, and hopelessly hooked. I knew that one day I'd have to have my own flappy. And this is it.

I believe games like these have a deeper meaning when it comes to human pysche. What makes it so addictive? I think its appeal lies in the fact that we can connect it with the difficulties of life. Everyone going through life, avoiding hurdles only to fail, know what I'm talking about. "Urso Taralhouco" show us the lesson of getting back up again and pushing through. Sometimes we just need a distraction for a few minutes (or hours, depending on the degree of addiction...). 

Google Play Store Link on the image above for you to try it out.

Have fun.

NB: For my english-speaking followers, Urso Taralhouco" means "Doddering Bear" in Portuguese.

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