sábado, junho 06, 2015

Project 20: Raspberry Pi 2 vs Windows 10 IoT

Windows Embedded Connect site and sign in;
Pick the Build for Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview Image for Raspberry Pi 2;
Click the ".dlm" file (prior to accepting two EULAs);
I got a large ZIP file with the image;
To convert the proprietary FFU files to IMG files I've used this Python script (thanks to t0x0)

Using a another machine I've flashed the resulting image (IMG ) onto the microSD card using win32diskimager/dd-ing (forget the need to have a Windows 10 machine to do this);
Eject the card;
Insert the flashed card into the raspberry Pi 2;
Install Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 RC;
Download the Universal Apps SDK.

Et voilá:

Code away!

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