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Converting Banality into Transcendence: "Poesia, Saudade da Prosa" by Manuel António Pina

("Poesia, Saudade da Prosa, uma antologia pessoal"
"Poetry, Prose Sick, a Personal Anthology")

Published May 2011.

As Vozes (Página 24)

A infância vem
Pé ante pé
Sobe as escadas
E bate à porta
- Quem é?
- É a mãe morta
- São coisas passadas
- Não é ninguém
Tantas vozes fora de nós!
E se somos nós quem lá está fora
E bate à porta? E se nos formos embora?
E se ficámos sós?

The Voices – Page 24)

Childhood comes
By putting one foot in front of the other
Going up the stairs
And knocking on the door
“Who is it?”
“It’s the dead mother”
“They are things past”
“It’s no one”
So many voices outside of us!
And if it were us outside the door
knocking on the door? And if we leave?
And if we stood alone?

And my favourite Pina’s poem which I translated into German a long time ago (not present in this anthology), but I like it so much that I’ve got to include it here:

NB: The ideas and emotions invoked by Manuel António Pina open in my spirit undefined atmospheres as if they float in the threshold of my consciousness; I’m on the brink of understanding them and make them mine, as if they were all too familiar and yet, foreign to me. Pina always questions the strangeness of the world, and the written word. He does not leave us outside. What he wrote he also shared with us: the poetry of silence, the presence of death, and his reflections upon the poems he wrote.

Manuel António Pina, 18 November 1943 - 19 October 2012, Camões Prize (2011).

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