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Lighting My Soul: "10 Years of Blogging"

“I’ll call for pen and ink and write my mind.”

“To be a well-favoured man is the gift of fortune; but to write and read comes by nature.”

William Shakespeare

(My first blog post)

When was the Internet born? For me it was when Netscape went public in August 1995.   For many of us, the Netscape marked the passage of the Internet from a network primarily used by universities, and I&D labs in general, to the universal platform for content, communications and commerce it has since become.
Blogging provides me with learning opportunities. I’ve always believed the best way to learn something is to teach it, and for me blogging is akin to that, in that I’m putting thoughts out there, so it's important that I make sure I put out the right stuff. So aside from any external benefits of blogging, the internal ones of jotting down your thoughts is incredibly beneficial.
I almost forgot I’ve been blogging for 10 years!
What’s the kick I get from blogging? First of all, it’s addictive in nature. On top of that, the idea that all these smart people were sharing all their insights with me was the greatest feedback loop of all time. With every blog post on Blogger, Goodreads, Booklikes, Leafmarks, etc, I engaged and learned. Ten years later, that learning continues. Not a day goes by that doesn’t see one of my readers leave a comment. The latest examples taken from Booklikes:

On to some stats:

Page Sessions a month




Bechmarkings metrics (the most important blogging-wise)

(Being this blog about Books and Literature, and not about Porn, I think the results are pretty neat...)

Report card:

·         - 365 posts
·         - #posts/month = 3,3
·         - #posts/week = 0,7
·         - #Web Counter = 56 301 page views
·         - #Web Counter/month = 521 page views
·         - #Word Count = 215 482 words
·         - #Word Count/post = 590 words
·         - #Word Count/month = 1995 words
·         - #Word Count/week = 460 words
·         - #Word Count/year = 23 942 words

NB: Technically the abovementioned numbers refer to a 9-year period, although I've been actively blogging since 2005. Unfortunately those stats /2005) are no longer available, because I deleted that particular blog.

Global Stats

Twitter Stats

From 2014 onwards, i.e., when I started using Booklikes, the number of tweets increased. Twitter was (and still remains) the most active social sharing platform for me. I wondered if I my Twitter habit was costing me some blog posts. So I looked at my Twitter stats:

So from the looks of it, Twitter has only acted as an accelerator for my blogging role, allowing me the luxury of writing less but reaching far more people. If the first eight years were of extreme frenzy, then the last two have been reflective of changes that happened not only in my work life but also in my personal life.

And last but not least, my Word Cloud for 10 years of blogging:

The future

Most nights, I get less sleep than I probably should, but I know I can’t stop writing. And why should I? One never knows… The next post in line to be written may be one that catches people’s imaginations and is read a lot. Or it may be one that is read by only one, but it still encourages and challenges that one person. It’s totally worth it either way. And if I’m honest, even if no one ever reads it, it’s still worth writing it. Most times, the very act of writing about a something, be it a book, Shakespeare, an opera, a film, or a theatre play, helps me think through it more clearly and process my own perspective. Of course, my main prime directive is to write to myself. If someone out there appreciates it, fine. But that’s not the reason why I write.
I’ve been well aware that for the past two years I’ve been writing in an increasingly secluded manner. As a result, I’m feeling pretty confident with regards to knowing myself. Write about what I read as much as what I’m thinking about. Those 215482 words have just about gotten everything I possibly want to think about out of my head, and as a result my mind is clear. 
On top of that, I need something to light up my own soul.
Onwards for the next hundred thousand of words before the gloomy shade of death...

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