domingo, agosto 30, 2015

The Collector's Eye (Joe Berardo): Chagall's Large Backdrop for the Magic Flute

I'd been itching to go and see this exhibition. 

Who would have said Berardo would be such a connoisseur? The hillbilly from South Africa, who barely speaks Portuguese, has a good "clinical eye" for shit like this...

What did I want to see the most? Easy. Chagall's large canvas and Stella's Sevarambia.

The very large backdrop (13 x 23,5 m) painted by Marc Chagall for Mozart’s Magic Flute (in this particular instance with the Magic Flute playing in the background...) is figuratively and literally huge.

Many of the works may be less well known, but still they stroke a particular emotional chord with me (to be followed by a few more posts with some of the most interesting pieces).

(13 x 23,5 m)

I only knew this canvas from art catalogs. I knew I'd be flabbergasted...

Chagall's use of colours defies description. We can see that the action is played on a central disk. The tree on which Papageno attempts to hang himself is clearly discernible for those of us familiar with Mozart's Die Zauberflöte. And what he did with colour is nothing short of masterful. I felt smothered. The colour derivation from a countless succession of backdrops which, along with side drops, indicates the change of scene, made me breathless. It's all about colour and his symbolic, dazzling colourful signature style. For me to be able to watch this curtain live in all its splendour was an absolute tour de force of sorts. Oh, to be able to have seen it in 1967...It's clearly a case wherein music and painting were made for each other.  

Thanks for this Berardo. I owe you one...

NB: It took me 3 hours to watch the whole exhibition, but I remained with this art piece at least half-an-hour...I couldn't get enough of it...The finesse, the wit, the delicacy. Uau!

Artists represented in the whole exhibition include: Georg Baselitz, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jason Brooks, Nelson Cardoso, Rui Chafes, Marc Chagall, Francesco Clemente, Enzo Cucchi, John De Andrea, Eric Fischl, Fernanda Fragateiro, Gilvert & George, Walter Goldfarb, Antony Gormley, Marcus Harvey, Nicky Hoberman, Jörg Immendorf, Peter Klasen, Pierre Klossowski, Roy Liechtenstein, Michael Craig Martin, Jacques Monory, Sarah Morris, Mimmo Paladino, A. R. Penck, Marc Quinn, Pedro Cabrita Reis, James Rielly, David Salle, Rui Sanches, Julian Schnabel, George Segal, Frank Stella.

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