terça-feira, setembro 08, 2015

The Collector's Eye (Joe Berardo): "Flesh Nude behind Brown Door" by George Segal (1978)

Physically the first I did was freezing in thought, and then I blinked for a moment, and then I devoured the image popping into my head as if it were an old treasure trove hidden in the sand.

Then came the rest of my life...The first clear thought coming into my head as I watched this art piece was that there are moments in life that I don't control, do not choose and cannot decide. However there other situations where I clearly make a decision, that I know it's affecting me in some way, no matter what. I've had a few moments of those in my life.

Doing this, doing that, in spite of other options and carry on to the end. Is there a best option? I'm not sure. I don't think that there's really such a thing. All possibilities are potentially good because it is unknown what they drive me into. But what about those moments I'm not even aware of, or those that may be out of my control? Bumping into a stranger in the street, or deciding not to go to the party because I felt like staying home, arriving somewhere earlier than anticipated, or later than expected. The possibilities are mind-boggling. How would the path of my life have been altered? If I'd taken the time to play out in my mind the butterfly effects of apparently non-important decisions and I'd just go plain crazy.

In the end there is nothing I can do about fate whether I believe it is pre-ordained or not; there are so many variables that make it incredibly complex. Probably I believe it makes sense that it's this way and it gives life some sense too, but I still like to believe I did the right choice and that it wasn't a huge coincidence that I found here, in Lisbon, the woman of my life, who shares the same dreams as me and has similar life objectives.. I couldn't have found her anywhere else. That makes it the right choice. Moreover, in my life I've been through such powerful moments of congruence that I can’t possibly believe in the randomness of it all.

I've said it before. Good art has the ability to make your mind wonder through "mindless" pathways...What more can I ask of a poem, a novel, a piece of coding software, a play, an opera, or in general of a work of art? 

NB: "Flesh Nude behind Brown Door" was my 6th moment regarding this exhibition. The other moments:

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