segunda-feira, setembro 07, 2015

The Collector's Eye (Joe Berardo): "Mother and Daughter" by Eric Fischl (1984)

What is really painting? I'm not a painter and I'll never be one. But If I were one, I think painting would be a process that could turn thoughts into feelings, using form and colour to create meaning. Fischl, and Schnabel are able to do this. Fischl's one hell of a genius at seeing the human condition and portraying it on canvas. Fischl clearly loves the texture and sensuous nature of paint. I've read in one of the many art catalogs I've got at home that he works from photographs. The first time I read this, I said to myself, "Wow!" I'd always serious doubts whether art objects created from photographs could be considered real art. Seeing this painting live, a kind of epiphany happened in my life. Yes, it's possible to create art from photographs. "Mother and Daughter" is that proof. As I've just stated, in my personal choice of art objects (in this case paintings) that I'd like to look at over and over, and probably in art catalogs as well, Fischl is still one my favourites (along with Schnabel, but that's for another occasion).

NB: "Mother and Daughter" was my 5th moment regarding this exhibition. The other moments:

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