quinta-feira, setembro 03, 2015

The Collector's Eye (Joe Berardo): "Ubiquitous Television" by Nam June Paik and Bill Viola

As I grow older and "wiser" (cough*bullshit*cough) I'm watching less and less TV. By TV, I mean watching shows coming from TV networks or channel surfing. I still catch my favourite shows off the Internet though the frequency is decreasing. The last new shows I caught were Game of Thrones (as I’m a fan of George R.R. Martin's work).

In the past, I was a regular TV viewer like most people. I wasn’t a couch potato, but I would watch TV whenever I felt like it.

The birth of my baby boy made me watch less TV. Did my life crash from not watching it? Not really. I just know I'm reading more, and for me that's all that matters. Have I missed out on anything? In fact, I felt my life changed for the better. In the past months of not watching TV (since January 2015), I have experienced numerous positive changes, such as more time to do what I want, productivity, freedom, and so on.

In fact, about a few weeks ago, I tried watching TV again to see how it would be like after so many months of not watching it (I've recently tried watching the rest of the "Game of Thrones" but I couldn't). As for the rest of the TV fodder, I gave myself one week, but I couldn’t last beyond half an hour. The shows felt disconnected, the programs seemed empty. It just felt like a complete waste of time. I said to myself, "I’d much rather be doing something else." That "else" is invariable reading, playing with my children, bike riding, going mountain climbing, going to the Opera, etc.

I thought about all this as I contemplated the above art piece. If I were looking at this object through a TV screen I'd miss all the fun. Reading books enhance my visualization skills, my imagination, fills the hunger of my striving mind, and satisfies (almost) all my queries of the mind, hence open wider spaces of creativity. Books leave much more to the imagination than TV does. It's very rare for me to get a character's history when they are introduced on TV. On top of that, books allow me to learn at my own pace and process information at a pace best for my lazy mind, while a TV requires much less effort. I'm constantly losing information when attempting to contemplate over a concept of interest. For deeper processing I need a book...

This is the kind of art I like the most. It makes me think...This piece was my 3rd highlight of Berardo's exhibition. Just think he owns all the pieces...He can just look at them when he feels like it...

NB: Exception's to the rule: Benfica's football matches, Rugby (Once a rugger forever a rugger! That's me; the 2015 World Cup is just around the corner; There's no Portugal. Go "Engaland!"), and Tennis matches (US Open, Wimbledon, etc), classic films and the occasional Opera or concert.

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