sábado, outubro 31, 2015

"How can anyone write in a language that nobody reads?"

I had a couple of years a curious conversation with a German friend of mine, She also writes in English fluently. We exchanged some complimentary words, and when she realized that I was Portuguese (writing in Portuguese), only asked: "How can you write in a language that nobody reads?" It was an aggressive question, but she was not being hostile. 

There is, however, something insidiously iconoclastic in the way the "honorary English" of every Tom and John is integrated in the English tradition.

I do not know if this example of cultural integration should be cause for optimism or pessimism for literary survival of languages ​​that "nobody reads."

2 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

How could she say this about a language that is so commonly spoken? She means the wrong people???

It's very important for people to write in many languages. For a start style matters and language and style connect. And simply for diversity. Diversity is good.

Manuel Antão disse...

You're quite right of course.