quinta-feira, outubro 15, 2015

Pensate Profunde: 400 posts, 300 Book Reviews

There were times when the posts almost wrote themselves. But there were also times when I couldn’t write anything worth reading.

Fortunately I love writing even when the process itself does not flow. On top of that, there were not many times when I didn't feel like writing at all.

So it was not such a huge surprise that this week my blog crossed over a big milestone: There are now 400 blog posts and 300 book reviews published (*pat on the back*).

When do things stop being just useful?  My aim when I started this blog in 2006 was to make people think and in the long run to inspire and change lives. Tall order I know…Even If I didn’t impact people all that much, at the end of the day, I learned a lot of stuff along the way. Not exactly Quantum Physics stuff, but something along those lines…lol. We always aim to build long and lasting relationships with people. If that doesn’t work, I’m still happy when I’m doing some deep thinking on my own.

I firmly believe it’s impossible to publish 400 posts and 300 book reviews without accomplishing something significant or even life changing. I know my view on lots of things changed because of the stuff I’ve been writing. That’s enough in my book.

Publishing 400 blog posts also taught me a lot of stuff about things that matter to me. Maybe many of those things are only important to me, like close-reading Shakespeare, SF, writing about art exhibitions or why I love to sing. But I don’t really care. We are what we are.

“As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.”

Keep you thinking hat on at all times and don't sleep on the job even when the nebula is pretty thick...

400 posts amounted to 213 640 words, resulting in 534 words per post. 
1942 words per month (110 months). 
534 words per week (400 weeks)
23 738 words per year (9 years and 2 months).

It'd result in a book with 1294 pages in a paperback format (6x9).

SF = Speculative Fiction.

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