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Sacred Chant: "Laudate Dominum" (Taizé version) by Musicam Sacram Ensemble

(Musicam Sacram Ensemble)

Some days I feel as if a leprechaun is running around inside my brain...When I set out to do something, there's a good chance I'll procrastinate. When this happens, I know it's time to sit down to read, write or sing...

My life has been pretty busy these last few weeks but this year I was able to sing Taizé chant at a world-wide event. It was just what I needed!  The purpose of a Taize chant is to meditate upon the words being sung.

This particular kind of chant allows me to experience a basic reality of faith that is quickly understood when I sing it. The driver is the words being repeated over and over and over until it is infused in my whole being. I can feel the chant resonating within me.

The way to deal wih Taizé chant is to let myself get past the repetitiveness, i.e., a kind of letting myself go...

Taize, the "Laudate Dominum" chant in particular, is meditative and spiritual. I can't get enough of it, especially when my wife sings it as in the first example beneath...I've sung it many times and I'm always moved by its power.

(Laudate Dominum)

(As I Kneel Before You)

NB: Laudate Dominum = “O, Praise the Lord”.

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