quinta-feira, novembro 26, 2015

Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas, and I: "The Rub of Death, the Rub of Love"

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I’ve been reading Dylan Thomas lately, and one of his poems is about being tickled by the rub of love.  The vocabulary of poetry is shared by poets across generations and cultures. Poets, in this case Shakespeare, revisit and reexamine their themes:  death and facing it.

My own contribution in the form of a poem that suddenly came to me when I was going home from work:

Bravery to end it all—one fell swoop
Courage to call it an end—hang man’s loop
Pain of slander, unkind words and cruel deeds
Death’s concoction’s bitter brew—hemlock weeds

Love reconciled happily domiciled
As they proceeded down the aisle they smiled
The ultimate coward who gave much pause
The newly-weds who believed in love’s cause

Hamlet’s dream of dreams by anguish distressed
Romeo and Juliet were by love blessed.
The rub of death makes cowards of us all
Love’s rub trumpets Heaven’s clarion call.

Rub: Predicament

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