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2015: My Reading Year in Review

And the year ends once again...

Without further ado, my crème-de-la-crème was the following:

(links for each one of the reviews here).

2015 was the beginning of my Shakespeare quest:

Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas, and I: "The Rub of Death, the Rub of Love"
Shakespeare and I: "Shakespeare's Bastardization"
Shakespeare and I: "Shakespeare's Language"
Shakespeare and I: "A Haiku Poem"
Shakespeare and I: "Love's Prick"
Killing Frenzy: "Richard III" by William Shakespeare, Burton Raffel, Harold Bloom
Shakespeare vs Computer Science: "Can a Computer Write a Sonnet?"
The Sweet Swan of Avon: "Shakespeare Beyond Doubt - Evidence, Argument, Controversy" by Paul Edmondson, Stanley Wells
Richard Through Several Doppelgängers: "Richard III" by William Shakespeare, Tónan Quito
To Adapt or not to Adapt Shakespeare, That is the Question: "Cinematic Shakespeare" by Michael A Anderegg
Going Through the Numbers: Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing"
Using Ngram Viewer to track popularity of Shakespeare vs his plays and Word Hoard to take verb and modal verb counts of 7 plays
Hail All Things Medieval: "Shakespeare's Ghosts"
To Sonnetate or not to Sonnetate, that is the Question: "Os Sonetos de Shakespeare" by William Shakespeare and Vasco Graça Moura
Infant, Schoolboy, Lover, Soldier, Justice, Pantaloon, and Oblivion: “Soul of the Age” by Jonathan Bate
Shakespeare and I: "Laudate Dominum"
The Englishness of English Literature: “English Literature” by Jonathan Bate
"Shakespeare Expressed: Page, Stage, and Classroom in Shakespeare and His Contemporaries" by Kathryn M. Moncrief (Editor), Kathryn R. McPherson (Editor), Sarah Enloe (Editor)
Camoens vs Shakespeare: "Retratos de Camões" by Vasco Graça Moura
Owning Shakespeare: "Shakespeare - An Introduction (Ideas in Profile)" by Paul Edmondson
The World is a Page: "Shakesperare as Literary Dramatist" by Lukas Erne
No Redemption for First Folio Thieves: "The Shakespeare Thefts" by Eric Rasmussen
A Man’s Obsession with First Folios: “Collecting Shakespeare - The Story of Henry and Emily Folger" by Stephen H. Grant
I think there is more barbarism in eating man alive than to feed upon them being dead: "The Tempest" by William Shakespeare, Robert Langbaum
The Things and the Nothings: "Much Ado About Nothing" by William Shakespeare, Sylvan Barnet, David L. Stevenson
Life-is-Shakespeare: "William Shakespeare - A Textual Companion" by Stanley Wells, Gary Taylor (NB: not a review; just scattered impressions on the concept of sources)
Shakespeare is Hard, but so is Life: "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare, Burton Raffel, Harold Bloom
The Transformative Power of Theatre: "Power and Desire"/"O poder e o desejo"

2016 commemorates 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare and this special anniversary year is a truly unique opportunity to complete my quest of reading the rest of his entire body of work.

On with the rest of the numbers.

Number of words written in the 82 reviews: 81209 (average 990 words per review)

Number of words written in the 58 non-book reviews: 28246 (average 543 words per review)

Number of words written in the 9 programming posts: 10873 (average 209 words per post)

Number of words written in the 149 reviews, non-book reviews and programming posts: 210238 (average 1411 words per post; average 2312 words per week; average 17520 words per month)

Number of books read 82:

Number of books read per month:

Reading Challenges Year by Year:

My 2015 Reading Challenge:

My Booklikes Profile as of 2015:

Number of book pages read: 19881 (382 pages per week; 1657 pages per month)

Blog Hits Around the World (BookLikes):

Blog Hits Around the World (the blog you're reading now):

Number of posts written between August 2006 and December 2015:

Goals for 2015:

Read more altogether, keep on reading my Rowse (my "Shakespeare in a Year" project will probably be still on hold), because 2016 will have a year-long program that marks 400 years since William Shakespeare’s death. Can't wait to finish in 2016 what I started in 2015...

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