sábado, março 12, 2016

Dumb & Dumber: "X-Files: New Show 2016" by Chris Carter

Lately I've turned very cynical. Maybe I'm getting on in years, but I see plot holes in everything. The X-Files was no exception.

Does Chris Carter think we don't remember the show anymore??

The government conspiracy vs. alien conspiracy. The problem isn't that both conspiracies couldn't exist but rather Mulder's, and to a slightly lesser extent Scully's responses and reactions in this S10E1 and E02 don't make sense given what they both went through previously. For example, there is a sequence where what is said is that aliens fighting aliens and bursting into flames was hogwash and nonsense. That's really hard to cast aside like that when it was clearly experienced in the old series 14 years ago, but Mulder is apparently ready to write it all off as "misdirection".  The alien bounty hunter was misleading? Being trapped in the huge UFO in Fight for the Future was misdirection? What the hell? Do they think we are all morons? It doesn't make sense that Mulder and Scully would experience what they did and then so easily chalk it up to lies and misdirection. They may not have understood all that happened and why but their direct experiences weren't “wrong” and invalid. I’m not sure, I enjoyed it in weird way (more than I did with Star Wars). It was entertaining, sort of. But total guff too. The dialogue was bad and basic and written for a dumb audience as well. Maybe it's Fox's influence. But it was ok because honestly, who didn't expect it to be a guff x-files new series made to make money? The last two seasons of the old series were not that good anyway, i.e., they were flat out rubbish and Duchovny had long buggered off from it. Although it's still crap, but because it’s not the kind of crap I'd turn off, I'll still be watching the other 4 episodes left. "The Last Witch Hunter" or "Kurzel's Macbeth", now there's crap I turn off and draw the line. 

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