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Can Art Last Forever? : "Buildings" at Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

(painting without identification)

When one reads as I do, with such slowness, with the patience of Job, with such love and respect for those who can really write, I sometimes feel that I reach a point in which the bedrooms wherein I read are transformed into public squares, kitchens into churches, and the most humdrum domestic dialogue condenses a poetical mystical outlook, from which frustrated ambitions and broken dreams flow, together with individual and collective frustrations. I imagine it’s very difficult for people, in our society, to attain this process of disintegration. Using the “tools” of literature (poetry is but one of them), the poets create the possibility to confront such disintegration head on.

(Painting without identification)

Art talks about something that’s not there. It’s always difficult to say this, i.e., the art that resonates with me is the one that talks about absent things. I believe the things that interest me in art always correspond to the presentation of an absence, whether it be of a place, an idea, a decision, a lack, an error; it’s always an absence. There is no art without transformation: transformation of its own nature into another nature, one substance into another, one thing into another. It’s also a revelation, always, a revelation of something hidden. In art, that which is hidden is always more important and greater than that is displayed. It’s not an evocation but rather the presentation of absence or something which lies beyond the object. I see art a bit like an apparition, in the sense that one sees for the first time something that didn’t exist in the world before. Art should induce the amazement of the first gaze, the first vision. When I look at an object, either I can seize the moment, the purity of the first gaze of the newborn baby, or it’s not worth the bother.

(Painting without identification)

Everything else is everything else. For me, the difference between art and life is that all things in life are a repetition that’s been going on for many centuries: alL the emotions, dreams, deceptions, acts of courage, cowardice, fear, hatred, love, illusions, disillusions, all forms of violence have already been committed on millions of occasions and continues to be perpetrated every day. It’s always a case of eternal repetition. Art has the power of offering the first vision of something that exists for the first time in the world.

NB: The object above does not belong to the Delaunay Circle exhibition.

NB2: The pictures were taken by me at the exhibition on December 26 th 2015. 

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