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Doing the Nasty: "Hap and Leonard" by Joe R. Lansdale

Published 2016.

“I went upstairs and locked the door and took off my clothes and slid under the sheets with Brett. She was sitting up in bed with pillows at her back. She had the shee pulled up over her. She had her reading glasses on, pushed down on her nose. She put the book in her lap.
‘I hope you don’t think you’re going to get any,’ she said.
‘Any what?’ I said.
‘Don’t act coy with me,’ she said.
‘I just got naked,” I said.
‘It has nothing to do with you. I’m comfortable naked. Some of us are quite comfortable with our bodies, our nudity.’
‘Oh,’ she said.
‘I’m reading, you know.’
‘How’s the book?’
‘So, you want to do the nasty?’
‘That is far from romantic,’ she said. ‘But lucky for you I think a lot of that stuff is nonsense. I’m not as girly as I look. And then again, the book sucks, so that makes your suggestion a little more interesting.’
She laid the book on the bed beside her. She dropped the sheet. She was naked as well.
‘Surprise,’ she said.

Language tartare galore...Lansdale’s style is almost impossible to describe. On top of that, I was laughing so hard in the first pages that it made me re-read some of the pages many times. The humorous dialogue and characters move the book along at a steep rate of laughs. The humour remains throughout all the stories, even during the shoot-to-kill moments. I think Lansdale wanted to help lighten the mood. I thoroughly enjoyed the approach and Hap and Leonard’s traits shone like a beacon from start to finish. As an added bonus you'll find a lot of politically incorrect snippets, just the way I like it:

“’I did fine about fifty years ago and it was a spring morning and I had just knocked off a piece of ass. I did fine then. Least that’s how I like to remember it. Might have been a hot afternoon in the dead of summer and it might have been a stump broke cow.’ “

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