segunda-feira, março 21, 2016

World Poetry Day 2016, March the 21st: "Rub: Predicament"

Readers and writers must to be in the mood to read and write poetry respectively. I think if I'm too obscure or too down I lose people. But that's on them. I need to be who I am and not worried about an audience. That way what I want to write flows naturally. Poetry should be written for one's self, not the masses. Who cares if someone doesn't read it? Write it anyway! I believe people can't read poetry because they try to tackle it the way they do with fiction. Our analytical part of ours brains is overly concerned with understanding poetry; there is nothing to understand, as poetry is not expected to teach you anything, just like all other forms of art. The only thing poetry is supposed to do is to emotionally engage me, to make me feel emotions I did not even know I was capable of experimenting. If a poem does that, than it accomplished what it was meant to do. 

I have a friend who reads everything I write but keeps asking me: "why are you doing it?" Lately I've been given it some thought.

I'm sure I can get inspiration but at times it's hard for people to sit and dwell on it like we do. I know another friend who is very results-oriented. She thinks I am a dreamer. It's not that I'm lazy because I have a very demanding job (I'm a Computer Systems Engineer by academic background and an IT Service Manager by profession in a large corporation in Portugal), and yet I spend my off hours thinking about Life, Art, Cinema, Opera, Shakespeare, .... It's important to me and I guess, in the end, it's just how I tick.

My poetry may not get a lot of reading from outside of my blog, BL's, LM, however, it's a great place to express myself and get some peer-reviews. I firmly believe that writers should write something every day. That way they can hone their writing and observing skills. 

Poetry has always been my preferred choice writing-wise, but sometimes it's so damn hard. It addresses my emotional side, and my ability to recognize and appreciate beauty in everything around me. I think it's a question of sensibility and it's, most of the time, an acquired taste, as I've been told frequently.

Without dreams there is no hope, no goals and no drive left in my soul. I like to keep on dreaming, because only dreamers have plans and a reason to live and feel alive.

The poem above was shown at a Poetry Exhibition. It's been previously published, but because I think it's one of the most heartfelt things I've ever written, it was the one I chose. Shakespeare lurks behind it...Poetry puts life into words and as long as there is life there will be poetry.

My advice. Turn off your mind and let your soul take over. That's what poetry is for and nothing else matters.

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