terça-feira, junho 14, 2016

Comatose Literature: "Without Fail" by Lee Child

When summer is just around the corner, I start thinking about what books to take on holidays.   Beach or pool is also important, but the real clincher are the books. And the first question on the agenda is which books should I bring? More important even than my destination, are the books I’m taking with me. I’ve always been like this. My wife used to complain that I packed lots and lots of books in case I got stranded on a desert island by mistake… What else? Ah yes. The strategy to pick up books. More than selecting what to wear, which is also fun, what gives me great pleasure is selecting the books to take. Maybe they’ll have a light cover, title in pastel yellow, and italicized font. Sometimes I surprise myself I choose an outlier, i.e., I’ll marathon a book while sunning myself, meaning when choosing I go for something that lends itself to that. What is clear is that I’ll enjoy them in a beach chair under over-sized umbrella, sun hat either on chair or on head-face unseen.

In the last few years, I always brought home some of the books I found in Algarve (some people sometimes leave a good book behind for someone else to discover on their summer holidays; I must confess I don’t profess this “religion” of leaving books behind…). Sometimes I find stuff I never thought I’d read. It was in one of those serendipity finds that I “found” Lee Child. I don’t know why, but every time I read him outside summer, I always associate his books with summer. Go figure! That’s the reason behind my fixation with Lee Child’s books (Jack Reacher’s to be more precise). This time round I just anticipated my beach reading by one book, and this was the one: “Without Fail” (I still have one Lee Child book left to take to Algarve…).

Did I enjoy this “new” book? I sure did. I was still a little comatose at the end of it, but I just felt good having finished it. I’ve also confirmed my belief the FBI and the Secret Service only employs halfwits…

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