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My Memory, my Soul and my Quantum Entanglement: 500th Post

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When I started this blog almost 10 years ago to the day, on the 4th of August 2016, my goal was to have a place where I could capture and express my thoughts and feelings about stuff, i.e., a place where I could digress about the things that interested me (Shakespeare, SF, Opera, Film, etc.) It also provided a kind of repository where my kids, say, could go to get glimpses of me that may go unexplored otherwise. 

For me blogging was never about numbers, instead it was about meaning and sharing meaning with those who cared.

I’m not a writer, not even an aspiring one. I am an Engineer with a lot going on in heart and mind that I’d like to build into a legacy of sorts. So I’m not into volume in terms of blog hits and the like. 

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You won’t find on my blog the answer why we go to Shakespeare’s plays even when we know the outcome of everyone of them.  Are there people interested in knowing this? I doubt it. I don’t even know whether there are still people reading Shakespeare in Elizabethan English! As far as I can tell, there is no market for this information. So this begs the question: Should I keep on writing about anything at all, and about Shakespeare in particular? 

But be that as it may, there’s no other way I can describe it that doesn’t lessen the impact. Writing has transformed who I am. It didn’t happen after one day, I don’t know if it happened after 5, 10 or 100 days. I don’t know when it happened. But that’s both the easy part and the hard part. You just write because it’s now not only a part of who I am, it’s who I am. 

So the answer to the above-mentioned question is definitely yes. The answer to the question, “will I still publish everything I write on my blog?” is a different matter altogether.

NB: 500 posts in 10 years, 50 posts a year, 4 posts a month, 1 post a week, around 90000 hits...I think the "truth" is in numbers...In cabalistic terms, there must be something else at play here. lol

I'll finish by saying thanks to those people who have kept reading over the years. It means more than you know. Time is space, space is time, and we're just flotsam. We all know our perceptions fuck with both. Will I get shifted back? In case I don't, what's written on this blog it's all you've got, after my lights are out forever…

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Luís Filipe Franco disse...

Dear friend, it's also about ten years that we've met and the legacy in writing that you've accomplished is always surprising for me! Congratulations on this event and hopefully you keep surprising us with your thoughts about your readings!

Manuel Antão disse...

Thanks my friend. It's nice to be appreciated. It's been 10 years we've met. Gosh, time flies...