quinta-feira, agosto 04, 2016

Writing About Stuff: 10 years to the day

I'm not sure how much longer I'll keep on doing this. I'm not even sure the days of the personal website/blog are not over. Nowadays it's all about the sound byte. Nothing else matters.
As I've said previously on this same blog, writing is an outlet for my creativity and also an eternal personal project where I can deal with stuff that interests me (books, technology, Computer Science, Shakespeare, Theatre, Opera, you name it). It goes without saying, it's also my own personal megaphone with which to share my insanely fustian thoughts with the world. Writing stuff and publishing it also finds a way to connect me with other like-minded folks online. You know who you are.


#Hits (roughly 98 000):


#Number of pages (A4 format) and words written:

(out of which 81 890 were about Shakespeare - 27,2 % - 73 posts)
(300K words correspond to 1000 pages in a paperback, using 300 words per page; a 200 page book template would amount to 5 books...) 

#Number of Words written per Year = 30 000

#Number of Words written/per Month = 2 506

#Number of Words written/per Week = 626

2 comentários:

Book Stooge disse...

I don't think that "blog" days are over, they'll just become a niche for people who have an attention span of more than 60seconds.
I certainly understand the whole sound/video byte thing though. Have the stuff I see a byline for, go to the page to read it and voila, it is a bloody video of some stuffed shirt/talking head blurting out everything about the byline instead of a thought out piece that would actually inform me with facts.

Manuel Antão disse...

Yes. But the niche is getting smaller day by day...We live in the times of shiny things...the shinier the better..