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Welcome to Trump's Weltanschauung

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Trump prove the old saying that if you want to attract discerning flies then pass solid waste in the marketplace. I propose that the Statue of Liberty can now be returned to France as it is no longer of any cultural significance. Well, well, well... congratulations, President and moron Trump. Congratulations, USA. What just happened is very simple: The electoral majority just bought the course at the Trump Universe for the entire country. Regardless of what people knew about it - obviously, the alternative was even more unpalatable to them. Trump now has a majority at congress - both house and senate. He has all it takes to make good of his long litany of promises of what he will do to "make America great again". I am sure that it will prove to be very instructive.
Dear victorious Trump voters: You have exercised your democratic right to choose. Celebrate your victory with glee and delight, and feel free to bayonet the injured vanquished. You definitely showed us. Drink the delicious liberal tears tonight. Feel free to project all your hopes and expectations of salvation on the Don, assured that everything will be all right now. Just don't forget why you did what you did when it becomes evident that you are just like the people inhabiting the Trump's Weltanschauung. So now, starting January, all of us will see how Trump will tear up the trade agreements. How he will keep you safe from islamite terror. How he will destroy terrorist cells. How he will fix Iraq, Syria and Libya. How he will bring manufacturing back to America, undoubtedly starting with his own products. How he will build the beautiful wall on the Mexican border with Mexican money. How he will fix the American deficit by cutting taxes and making business explode. How he will repeal Obamacare and fix the American health system. How he will change the dystopia of black/latino city centers into a bright new morning. How he will protect cops and citizens alike. And all the other nice things he promised.

In a nutshell, how to make America great again.


This is what the Americans bought. Regardless of what the American voters knew beforehand. I don't want to hear any complaints from them once we learn that winning an electoral majority does not mean to get what you were promised. Ask the British about the Brexit. They’ve began to learn this already.

(Image pilfered from the Internet; if you own it, please contact me, and I’ll remove it)

Now is not the time to be polite or equivocate. Conservatives with a small 'C' are racists with a small 'R' - they won't march, they won't protest against the changes that happened to their cities, towns and villages. They are classic cowards - they just want to be able to walk around the streets where they grew up and see less foreign faces or hear only American accents. They want someone else to 'fix this' for them. Despite all the equality and diversity, we have in schools and colleges, it turns out that the insidious racism learnt on a shopping trip, over the breakfast table or anywhere people mutter darkly about 'bloody foreigners' has far more effect than well-meaning, lefty-leaning education policies. Should it come as any surprise that the thugs who dress themselves up as politicians (Trump, Farage) find easy pickings in these all-too fertile fields? I always thought that Hillary was the only Democratic candidate who would lose to Trump, and sadly, I was right. These awful results will end up as very tragic to the USA and the entire world. A narcissistic racist xenophobic crotch grabbing con man with the nuclear code at his disposal. Remember what happened in a certain European country less than a hundred years ago when a little mustachioed corporal was blaming foreigners and minorities for the nation's problem and ended up being voted into power by the "common man"? Fortunately for the world, that man didn't have nuclear weapons, this one does. Last but not least, I think the affluent educated liberalism has neglected the very people they claim they speak for, the ordinary working person, because this's not about race because non-Whites voted for Brexit and Trump, it's not about sexism because women voted for Brexit and Trump, and it's not about homophobia because non-heterosexual and non-cisgender people voted for Trump (and probably for Brexit as well). I think the Western World should stop living in denial and blaming white males; people generally are sick to the teeth of having our political correctness rammed down our throat.

Welcome to Trump's Weltanschauung.

NB: The world the US voters hankered after, is a world that is going to very difficult to live for minorities, women, non-Christians, and well anyone who isn't male and white, both inside and outside US borders. But all negative things also have things on the plus side, and one of them is that Trump is less likely to provoke a pointless war with Russia, that is for sure. The world is actually safer...One last piece of free wisdom: I think Farage visited the USA during election time (at least that’s what I’ve just heard on the tube; consequently, he must have carried the stupidity virus over...

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